How to Pack Light for Your Travels – But Still Look Classy

How to Pack Light for Your Travels – But Still Look Classy

No matter where you plan on traveling to, there is no doubt you envy those who effortlessly glide through the airport with just a small carry-on bag for luggage. Packing for any occasion can be difficult, as we all have the need to pack every item “just in case”. Avoiding the stress of packing and the last-minute throw-ins is much easier with a little planning and know-how. This time, you can be the one to exude class and have an easy-breezy check-in. If you’re super lucky, you might even be that one person who gets a free upgrade on your flight!

Check the Weather

This sounds simple enough, but it is something we often forget to do before packing our luggage. If you are the kind of person who likes to plan for every occasion, checking the weather first will help you be more precise when packing. Just because you are going to a hot country, doesn’t mean it will be super-hot all the time. This will give you a better idea about whether you need to pack a rain-coat, a light jacket, or lots of long-sleeved tops instead of those spaghetti straps.

Versatility – Mix and Match Items

One of the best ways to have lots of outfits to wear is to pack items of the same color palette that can all be worn together in a variety of ways. Having mix-and-match items means you will have endless combinations of outfits – the perfect solution for someone who likes a lot of choice. Sticking to complementary colors and keeping things in plain block colors will mean you can simply pull out any top and bottom and know it will work beautifully together –  it all comes down to smart and efficient planning. For example: if you packed 3 tops and 3 bottoms, which all worked together in any combination, that gives you 9 outfits instead of just 3.

Pre-Plan Decisions

If you want to take out all the decision making for your travels and eliminate the “what should I wear today?” question that we all ask ourselves each morning, make the decisions now. Pre-planning outfits means that you can make sure you have an outfit for each day of the week. If you decide which tops and bottoms are essential, try styling them up and photographing them so you have a visual record of the outfits you could wear for every day of your holiday. This will certainly make getting ready each morning a breeze.

Fabrics and Colors 

The last thing you want to do when you get to your holiday location, is spend several hours ironing everything you packed. The things you pack should ideally be low-maintenance, as well as made from fabric that is comfortable and suitable for the temperature and weather conditions. If your favorite dress is likely to get creased, make sure you hang it up until the last minute. Pop it into a dry-clean bag and fold it as little as possible when packing it into your suitcase. If you plan to wear some of your clothing items multiple times between washes, then try to avoid light colors that dirt will show up on. 

Comfortable Shoes

A big choice to make is which pairs of shoes to take. First of all, you do NOT need a different pair of shoes for every outfit. Try to pack only two pairs of shoes, or three at the very most. You could pack a pair of sandals and wear a nice pair of sneakers, or pack your sneakers and wear a nice pair of boots. Whichever pair of shoes takes up the most room in your suitcase, whether it be a pair of boots or some wedge-heel sandals, those are the shoes you should wear on-flight. 

The shoes you take with you must be comfortable; you don’t need stilettos unless you have a red-carpet event to attend. If you love heels, opt for a medium or low heel, preferably a wedge or block heel. Pair your shoe choices with all the outfit options you have picked to make sure that both pairs work with every outfit choice. If you don’t already own the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish shoes, the luxury fashion site SSENSE has plenty of stylish options for sale, including Gucci sneakers which would look fabulous with any outfit and are a great investment to your wardrobe.


The best way to make all of your outfits dressier or adapt them to seem like a whole new outfit, is with accessories. Packing a versatile scarf and some statement jewelry can help add style and glamor to any outfit. You should also take a nice small-medium handbag with you, so that you can keep your valuables safe while avoiding looking like a tourist.

Comfort and Quality

If you pack at least two days in advance of your holiday, then you can take the time to sift through your wardrobe and pick out items you will feel happy wearing. If you haven’t worn that dress since you bought it a year ago, maybe donate it to charity instead of packing it in your suitcase “just in case”. You want to pack items that you know you feel confident wearing, but are also comfortable. Traveling can be tiring, so as a guide, don’t pack clothes you wouldn’t wear on a 2-hour bus journey. 

While packing can often feel daunting and stressful, with enough planning and organization, you can go on your travels confidently. Hopefully these tips are all helpful, and you can enjoy your trip in style, without the aches and pains of lugging around a huge suitcase!

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