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How to Make Your Camping Easier

While there’s no denying that camping is one of the best ways to spend time in the great outdoors with your family and friends, there’s also no denying that planning a successful camping trip takes a lot of careful planning on energy. 

In this article, we’re going to cover the best ways to make your next camping trip easier, such as applying little known camping hacks to using devices that make your life easier such as portable power stations to some different planning methods. Each of these methods will just make life easier on your next camping trip. 

Here are the top tips to make your camping trip easier:

Make A Swedish Torch

You can create a Swedish torch as an alternative to creating a campfire. You can then use a Swedish torch for cooking food just as you could with a campfire, only it will be much smaller.

All you will need is a log. Make three crisscrossing cuts in the log, place fire starters in it, and then light it up. Just make sure the cuts are deep enough to ventilate the fire naturally, so the long will burn from the inside out. 

Use A Garbage Bag To Make Your Sleeping Bag Dry

The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning with your sleeping bag all moist. That’s why you can use garbage bags to keep your sleeping bag dry. Just line the outside of the sleeping bag with the garbage bag, and it will keep the sleeping bag dry.  

Use Storage Bins Just For Camping Gear 

When storing your camping gear over the year in storage, use dedicated storage bins just for your camping gear and label them from the outside. Have one bin for sleeping bags, another for tents and tarps, another for kitchen gear, another for backpacks, etc. This will greatly cut down on the time spent on loading up your vehicle, because all you have to do is just grab a storage bin.

Keep Bugs Away From Sage

Camping is always fun, but it’s also always less fun when mosquitoes and bugs are flying around left and right. On top of that, a lot of people don’t like using bug spray because of the smell or the feel of it. A good alternative is to use sage. Toss a bundle of sage into your campfire, and the resulting fragrance will keep the mosquitoes as well. 

Use Silica Gel Packets To Keep Your Cookware Rust Free

Silica gel packets are great for keeping your cookware rust free. Silica gel packets work by sucking up moisture in their vicinity, especially over items that are more likely to rust. This is especially important for camping trips, where it can rain or just become humid or where the interior of tents can become damp. 

If your cookware rusts bad enough, you’ll have to throw it away and buy more for your next camping trip. Silica gel packets work. 

Invest In Portable Power Stations 

A portable power station will be a tremendously good investment for any camping trip. It will just make your camping significantly easier. Whether it’s an electric power bank, small refrigerator, hair dryer, laptop, tablet, or a phone, a portable power station can charge all of them for you (and without you need to use a generator). 

Create An Improvised Camping Lantern

Here’s a neat camping hack: take a headlamp with straps, and then wrap it around a jug of water with the light part of the lamp facing into the jug of water. Then turn on the lamp, and the resulting light will be softer and more diffused than any official lantern that you buy at the store. 

Plan Your Menu 

There’s no need for camping food to be boring. The best camping meals are the ones that are delicious, easy to make, and can feed a lot of people at once. Think casseroles, cheeseburgers, tacos, and so on. Take note that each of these kinds of meals use common ingredients as well. If possible, try to make things that you can already make at home and then just heat up at camp (casseroles are a great choice for this). 


We believe the above tips, hacks, and strategies will be highly effective at making planning and experiencing your next camping trip significantly easier than it would be otherwise. 

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