When it comes to exploring and understanding the richness of captivating history and authenticity of varied traditions within your travel budget than no place can beat the enchanting presence of a South-Asian country addressed as India.

Country India serves the presence of diversity; people belonging from the various walks of life and faith reside calmly in the various parts of this motherly nation. Not only the people; in fact, all the other forms of lives relax happily in the greatness of distinct vegetation.

This friendly nation is always up to acknowledge and embrace the presence of all the visitors. It’s also blessed with all kind of spots, from the most expensive metropolitan cities or the really basic village areas.

Home to mind-blowing adventurous sports; places of Worship; historical monuments; serene beaches; peaceful lake sites; sky-high mountain ranges; enthralling sloppy hills; striking waterfalls; magical monasteries; enchanting heritage sites; captivating wildlife sanctuaries and the list is endless.

One can walk as per their desires and some can move ahead as per the need of time and place; the country India is truly a precious gem.

Here are some of the major points to keep in consideration so as to save some hard-earned money:

1. Travelling in the non-seasonal duration is the best way to save quite a handsome amount of travelling cost. In fact, this is how you can explore few more attractions that would fit properly in the bucket of your travel budget.

2. Fly high and fly light. Try to save some money by travelling with a budget airline.

3. Make sure to leave some scope of time flexibility while outlining a trip because this is how you can get on board on a cheaper flight.

4. If you would have to follow an indirect route in order to reach at your point of interest in lesser cost then there is no harm. Travelling always charms itself with some level of compromises.

5. In case you do not have any problem travelling with another travel companion that you can actually save quite some money and in exchange of that you can add one more nearby place of attraction in your fun-packed journey.

6. Turn yourself into a local traveler. Travel like you belong their, eat the basic food, share the mode of transport, avoid un-necessary shopping and lot more.

7. Instead of staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel; one can go ahead and book their room at a 3 star or economy hotel. However, just for the sake of suggestion, you would hardly spend some time at the hotel because most of the time you would be out for exploration. So, this is not a good idea to input a lot of money just for few hours of a day.

8. Do not over-pack. This is how you can save some extra-luggage charges. After packing the travel essentials, weight your luggage and manage accordingly.

Source by Preeti Gupta

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