How To Leverage Freelance Writing To Travel The World

How To Leverage Freelance Writing To Travel The World

Contrary to popular belief, the world is a vast place. It only takes a few trips to hammer that point home. For most of us, this leads to a sad realization – we won’t come close to scratching the surface. If you’re stuck working a 9-5 job, making a dent in this planet can be next-to-impossible.

There is another way, though. In 2020, WiFi access is near-universal around the world. Also, these days, you can do most work over the internet. Even if your career isn’t online-friendly, you can become a freelance writer and fund your travels that way.

If this option interests you, here’s how you can leverage this profession to travel the world full-time.

Step 1: Start A Blog

To get good at anything, you need to practice every day. Writing is no different. To become a professional freelance writer, you must get in the habit of writing at least 1,000 words per day.

Blogs are perfect for this purpose, as they are an excellent creative outlet. Find something you are passionate or knowledgeable about, and write about it. Draw up 50 potential topics, and then get to work. You don’t need to buy a site yet – offers sub-domains for free.

Step 2: Hone Your Skills

Don’t be dismayed if your first posts aren’t that great – we all have to start somewhere. To become a successful freelance writer, though, you’ll eventually need to take your skills to the next level. 

Start with free resources – in particular, Khan Academy has tons of useful content. If you can spare a few dollars, though, we recommend taking paid courses. From Udemy to the Freelance Writers Den,   you’ll find exclusive insights that will speed up your development as a writer. 

Step 3: Get Your Foot In The Door

We’ll be real for a second: The freelance writing market is flooded with writers of dubious quality. That’s why we got you to focus on skilling up first. Even so, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. 

Put up a standalone website, and make sure your copy is killer. Create several sample pieces for niches you want to get into. And most importantly, craft an attention-grabbing introductory e-mail to contact potential clients.

Eventually, someone will give you a chance. Don’t be discouraged if your pay is low. Thanks to a saturated market, you won’t make much in the beginning. That said, don’t settle for less than $0.02 a word – worse writers than you make more than this every day.

Step 4: Find Your Balance, See The World

In the beginning, work super hard. Book yourself solid. Focus on delivering value, and eventually, you’ll become indispensable. Don’t be afraid to dump bad clients, but go the extra mile for great ones.

Once you’re consistently making $1,000 per month, contact new clients. Raise your asking rates and provide links to content you’ve created. As you approach $2,000 per month, celebrate – you now make enough to travel perpetually in most parts of the world.

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