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How to know that a slot site is Legit

When slot gaming, it can be easy to get caught up in all the bluster and allure of a casino site like without having made the correct checks that the site is legitimate. Unfortunately for some players, failing to do this often results in financial issues for them as they get scammed by these illegitimate sites. Below are some of the best ways to know that a slot site is legitimate. 

Things to Check For 

There are several things which you can check for. Any legit website will make these factors clear and obvious for all players, if you are on a website and don’t think that has good payment security for example it is best to leave the website before giving your details over to the illegitimate site. 


The main thing which you should be on the lookout for in a gambling license. Any official gambling establishment will have a gambling license. If you suspect a site doesn’t have a gambling license it is advised that you report them as it is illegal for them to be housing gambling of any kind without one.

Most online casinos will prominently display their gambling license at the footer of their website, but it can sometimes be on other pages. Make sure to find this license before you start gambling. 

Payment Security 

Another giveaway that a site is not legit is the payment security they offer. Online casinos are more aware than ever before about the issues of fraud among players so they often have incredibly secure payment offers which players can use, they offer many different variations as well.

If the site you are using only has one payment option such as paypal then it is advised that you don’t give you details to this system and instead leave the website before any damage is done. 

Good Variety of Games 

A large variety of games is a tell tale sign that a casino site is legitimate, after all how else would they have been able to obtain so many slot games for their site. Illegitimate casino sites will often only have a small amount of slots for players to choose from. 

Good Customer Support 

Another thing to be on the lookout for is good customer support, this is a very good indicator into the quality of the casino site you are using. Often, dodgy casino sites will offer low level or even non existent levels of customer support for players to use. 

Free Trial Plays 

Look out for the free trials which the casino site is offering you, most legitimate sites will offer demo slots as a way to entice potential customers to sign up to their site. Illegitimate sites only want the personal details of their customers so they have little use in offering demo slots for players to enjoy. Make sure a site offers free trial plays before you sign up to anything. 

In Summary 

There are many things to lookout for which can tell you if a site is legitimate. The most important is the gambling license, many legit sites will prominently display their license for players to see. If you are using a site which does not display it’s license, there is a strong chance that it is illegitimate.

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