How To Dress For A Weekend in the Italian Riviera

How To Dress For A Weekend in the Italian Riviera


The Italian Riviera really is one of the most beautiful, and often under-rated places in Europe. The weather, beautiful scenery and gorgeous food and drink make it a magnet for tourists including many Italian and international celebrities. If you are visiting this glamorous location here is a guide on key wardrobe items that you may want to get before one of the most beautiful trips of your life! 

A Multi-Use Maxi

There is nothing more elegant than a long dress flowing about in the light seaside breezes under the Italian sun. These kinds of dresses are perfect also because you can wear them during the day with sandals, then in the evening with a pair of heels. To be Italiana-ready, take a look at long dresses available online via Italian brands like Twinset. Flow your way into the Riviera in these gorgeous dresses. Careful KW is red- so it need to be the anchor text

An Oversized Sun Hat

Absolutely essential for a touch of extra glam as well as that all-important sun protection – a huge floppy sun hat is perfect for that Riviera look and can be worn in a number of ways, with swimwear or daywear. Dermatologists have also said not only are the big fashion hats stylish to wear, but they really do protect your skin from sun marks and burns! 

Large Tote Bag

Perfect for hitting the beach, café, or wherever you go, a big tote bag is the item to have! You will be able to pile in all those beach essentials such as suncream, sunglasses, water and Italian to English translation books to name a few items that you will want to take with you for a relaxing day on the beach. You can forgo the map because these towns are so tiny, you often don’t need one! 

Chic one-piece swimsuit 

One-pieces are THE new seaside glamour pieces to own, so it’s fine to ditch the two-piece bikini these days. One-piece swimsuits used to be considered outdated but they are definitely back on trend in hotspots thanks to many brands and celebrities wearing them in sexy and complimentary ways. 


You’ll need something easy to slip on and off for beach, and a bit of white or gold goes a long way to adding to that cool look to your outfits and beachwear. Therefore, shop around for a few pairs that you could wear in the day, and ones that may be more sparkly or distinctive for evening.

Gold Jewelry

Italians are renowned for their stunning gold jewelry, so think Italian and choose some classic pieces to take with you! This will set off your outfits and this will really make you fit in, and gold looks great with a tan too! Think a pair of gold hoops, a delicate gold bracelet or necklace to really give you that extra oomph. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you an insight into the key glamorous and easy to acquire items that will ensure you fit in perfectly during your time in the Italian Riviera, so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and fit in without worrying if you look too much like a tourist. 

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