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How to Avoid Censorship & Geo-Restrictions While Travelling?

Traveling is a hobby and passion that many of us enjoy. Exploring new avenues across the world satisfies the wanderlust inside us. At the same time, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about other destinations, their culture, norms, language, and traditions, improving knowledge and exposure.

Not to mention, traveling is also a paramount requirement in some workplaces. In most situations, workers need to conduct international tours to spend days and even weeks accomplishing assigned tasks from their superiors. So, they may be away for a long time!

Now, exploring different cities or taking a work-trip isn’t as awful as it sounds, but it’s the “wait” of reaching the destination that is usually the most difficult to pass. For some who are short of patience, it can be quite exhausting and stressful to sit in one place for extended periods.

And there are many like me, who get incredibly bored during lengthy tours. To avoid these unpleasant moments, Video-on-Demand (VoD) services do come in handy, as they allow you to binge-watch your favorite movies and T.V. shows to kill time and relax during the trip.

However, not all streaming services are accessible in different regions. For instance, Hulu and HBO Max are restricted to users in the U.S. only. Similarly, if you want to watch Hotstar outside India or the U.S. Netflix library elsewhere in the world, you will instantly face an error.

There is an unfortunate limitation for each country’s content due to copyright and licensing agreements. This means what may be available in one country could be different than others. For example, what you may be able to access in India may not be accessible in Australia.

Bypassing Censorship & Geo-Restrictions while Travelling

For this purpose, a VPN is a smart solution to lift the censorship on geo-restricted content from any country while traveling /staying anywhere in the world. This tool is an excellent source of intrinsic happiness for expatriates’ lives by granting immediate access to their favorite VoDs

These privacy tools are perfect for avoiding location-related discriminations. They successfully break through all limitations and provide access to censored content while keeping your information and data protected and safe from prying eyes.  

They do so by replacing your current I.P. address with a new one from a different location and deploying encryption to your connection. Therefore, all incoming/outgoing traffic passes through a secure tunnel in another country, hence making it seem as if you are a local.

Some services even go as far as employing “Obfuscation” technology on all of their servers, transforming VPN traffic into regular HTTPS traffic. Therefore, in the eyes of streaming services, it appears as if you are just a regular user of their platform.

Why Should You Use a VPN While Travelling?

It will primarily get you straight access on every attempt within a few clicks to unblock the censored and geo-restricted content of any country along with favorite native channels while traveling or staying anywhere in the world.

VPNs are also a reliable tool to cater to the business’s privacy requirement to make the digital environment safe by extending official support through features like P2P file sharing and military-grade data encryption of AES-256-bit.

Using a dedicated I.P. address from VPNs, workers can even continue working remotely and access their office network without any hassles. In fact, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, VPN use has surged massively due to its remote working benefits.

It creates strong security for the virtual environment to protect you from cybercrimes, spying agencies, or any other third party surveillance actions with peace of mind.

Additionally, Chief Executive Officers, Business Consultants, and Corporate Executives travel reasonably often as part of their work. They have to use the hotel or public Wi-Fi during their stay, and without a VPN, it is not safe to exchange sensitive information through an online medium.

Furthermore, it is fortunate and convenient for us that the mentioned tool does not require complex requirements like installing particular software or using a specific device. VPNs are compatible with all devices and platforms, hence guaranteeing top-notch security anywhere!

Final Thoughts

Experiencing new destinations is the best source of relaxation and entertainment. Many of us take a break from the monotonous routine and refuel our energies with a significant impact. However, killing time before reaching your destination is a difficult situation.

Therefore, if you want to stream your favorite content and bypass any restrictions in other countries, it’s probably time you invested in a VPN. In addition to protecting your privacy and strengthening your security, they are a blessing for bypassing content blocks!

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