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How Quitting Smoking Makes Traveling Easier

If you’re a travel fanatic, you’ll want to ditch your cigarette habit as quickly as possible to make the most out of your trips. Not only does quitting smoking make your traveling easier, it can also make it cheaper, more versatile, and less stressful. That’s right; your stress is actually amplified when you don’t have a cigarette for a few hours. You don’t want to be attached to something you can’t get on long flights or drives! 

Additionally, it’s no secret that smoking can cause a myriad of health issues from cancer to lung and heart disease, and so forth. You’re putting your life at risk, and the more years you knock off our time here, the less travel you get to take part in. Let’s look at how quitting will make your travels easier and more enjoyable. 

Your Mood

Only fifty miles until the next stop. Then I can get some cigarettes. As you’re thinking this to yourself, you suddenly find that you’re snapping at everyone else in the car. Why am I being like this? Then it hits you: it’s because you haven’t had a cigarette. The car goes awkwardly silent as the miles slip by, and your stress keeps mounting as you draw closer to what you need. 

A bad mood can ruin everyone’s vacation. Whether you’re with friends or family, not having your cigarettes can create a mood of tension and irritation, which can put everyone on edge and take away the fun of the trip. You don’t need cigarettes to be happy, but they can certainly make you unhappy when you don’t have them. That’s the nature of addiction. 

Don’t let cigarettes or lack thereof dictate the mood of your trip. If you’re constantly worrying about your next drag, how are you ever going to enjoy the scenery, the culture, or the people wherever you’re at in the world?

Fewer Stops

Traveling in the car with a smoker usually means you’re making a few stops along the way for more cigarettes. This cuts into travel time, creates more stress, and can prolong the drive to wherever you’re going. Since airplanes don’t allow smoking at all anymore, a long flight might not even be possible for you if you can’t make it more than a few hours without a cigarette. 

It’s time to put the cigarettes aside so you can enjoy the trip. After all, driving or flying through amazing scenery is half the fun of a long vacation! You’ll get to see mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, and everything in between during your drive. Soak it up without the need to stop every few miles to re-up on something that’s only advancing your steps toward your demise. 

Fewer Expenses 

Travel itself isn’t cheap by any means. Combine the cost of traveling with the cost of smoking on a daily basis, and you’ve got a recipe for financial disaster. Your $1,200 trip for the week can end up costing somewhere closer to $2,000 when you factor in all the extra gas, cigarettes, and stops you had to make. 

Tobacco alternatives area great way to stop smoking and save your wallet. With the average price of a pack of cigarettes ranging from $5 to over $10 depending on the state you’re in, smoking is an expensive and dangerous habit. Tobacco free chew is an awesome tobacco free alternative that won’t leave you broke or battling the health complications that accompany cigarettes. 

More Options 

When you’re not a smoker, you have more options for the places you can visit. Bars, restaurants, and even some public parks/beaches have banned smoking altogether, which means you won’t be able to light up and have a drink or take a drag while walking along your favorite beach location. That doesn’t mean you can’t visit these places at all, but you won’t get the full experience when you have to leave entirely just to have a cigarette. 

Essentially, smoking and traveling just makes things more difficult. The extra expenses, limited options, and inconvenience of constantly seeking out your tobacco fix makes the trip that much more stressful, expensive, and less enjoyable. 

Healthier Body and Mind 

Aside from travel, quitting smoking offers several benefits. For starters, your body will begin to heal from the damage done by the cigarettes, returning to a normal state within just a few years. In fact, the lungs can actually fully heal from cigarettes after enough time! You’ll get your drive, energy, and health back, and with it, your confidence. 

Final Thoughts

There’s never been a better time to quit smoking cigarettes and get back to a healthy lifestyle. You don’t want to taint your travel experience with the constant need to smoke, do you? Of course not! It’s time to put the cigarettes down and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed: with a happy, healthy body and a sound mind. 

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