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Holiday Solo Travel Deals-No Single Supplements

 Holiday  Solo Travel Deals-No Single Supplements: Avoiding 7 Mistakes on Holiday Solo Travel: As the holidays approach, not unexpectedly increased traffic is expected to pick up. In the United States, Thanksgiving has been the most heavily traveled date. As we are approaching that holiday on Nov. 25, 2021, travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic continue to evolve. While many are easing entry requirements, New Zealand for one has taken a step back. In the interim, positive news as to potential new treatments for the coronavirus give a sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel albeit not immediately. For solo travelers heading out in 2021, be sure to look beyond COVID-19 to avoid pitfalls of holiday travel. Having typically traveled at that time, I have learned the hard way how to avoid the following seven mistakes while traveling alone. Otherwise, these stumbling blocks can wreak havoc with your celebration.

Getting There:

Tip One:

Never, ever check a bag during the holidays… Read More

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Holiday Solo Travel Deals-No Single Supplements: More Holiday Destinations to Consider:

Bologna, Italy from $68

It is true that Bologna is not “undiscovered”. However, we included it in our five options of European “hidden gems” since it is not on the typical tourist itinerary through Italy. Although Rome, Florence and Venice dominate the bucket list for most vacationers going to Italy, Bologna has much to offer. As the capital of Emilia-Romagna region, it is best known as the country’s center for world-famous cuisine from pasta to meats, gelato and elaborate desserts. Read more

Crete, Greece from $88

Set in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the largest of all the Greek Islands but has some of the best cheap solo travel deals for vacations traveling alone.

Since Crete was first settled in 6000 BC with its Golden Age reaching its height in 1950 BC, the top tourist sights are ancient ruins, such as:

  • The Palace of Knossos
  • Capital of Heraklion
  • The Zeus Cave

However, for a charming mix of history and 21st-century living, take the time to wander through traditional villages. Read more

Salzburg, Austria from $98


Salzburg is one of Europe’s major classical music centers.  As a result, its top tourist attraction is Mozart’s birthplace. In addition, the annual Salzburg Musical Festival draws international tourists. Be sure to book early before it sells out! In winter, be sure to save time for browsing holiday markets.

Beyond the rich culture the city and region offer, it is ideal for an active sports vacation or a leisurely wellness holiday.

  • Visit in summer for hiking.
  • Arrive in winter for Alpine and Nordic skiing, ice-skating.
  • Afterwards, relax at thermal spas/wellness centers.

Austria has a deep, rich history to explore. As a crossroad from Central to Western Europe, it has been dominated by competing foreign empires until the twentieth century.  A leading historic site in Salzburg is the Fortress. It is the largest completely preserved castle in Central Europe…Read more:

Tulum, Mexico from $120

For a vacation beyond the beach, try Tulum, in the heart of the Yucatan.

  • Explore awesome , ancient Mayan ruins.
  • Snorkel at Xel Ha.
  • Combine sightseeing with a workout by biking to Coba.
  • Relax on a pristine beach.
  • Tour the cenotes., and take a dip.
  • Explore the Riviera Maya jungle.
  • Sail through clear waters. Read more

Quebec City from $122

Quebec City is one of the few remaining walled cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you enter the Gate of St. Jean, you step back into the 18th century.

Although older North American cities exist, such as, St. Augustine, Santa Fe and Jamestown, Quebec has uniquely continued to be the site of major historic events well into the 20th century…Read more

Bonaire, N. Antilles from $127


Bonaire is one of the five islands of the Netherland Antilles. While less well-known than popular Aruba and Curacao, it offers many of the same attractions. As a result of the pandemic, prices are really good currently under the island’s “We Miss You” campaign with a wide range of local businesses offering deals. It is ideal for

  • Eco-tours
  • Cave explorations
  • Water sports
  • Diving  Read more


Timberline, OR from $175

(Almost) Year-Round Skiing


  • Go skiing even in summer!
  • Tour the national forest.
  • Explore the historic Timberline Lodge.
  • Take a ride on the SkyChair to the Palmer Glacier.
  • Hike through the foothills.
  • Play a round of golf.
  • Visit the Mt. Hood Cultural Center Read more


Schloss Waldeck from $218 Home to 11th-Century Knights

While the castle is in the more remote countryside, it provides a relaxing solo vacation with much medieval history to experience and low-key exercise options to enjoy.

  • See the early German paintings at the Stadtkirche.
  • Visit the Schloss Friedrichstein.
  • Hear concerts at Wandelhalle.
  • Relax in hot springs.
  • Trek the forest.
  • Go riding, biking or boating.
  • Play golf. Read more

Holiday Solo Travel Deals-No Single Supplements: Travel Tips:

Travel 2021 – Restart

Our Tips

Summer vacation 2021 was a strong indicator that pent-up demand is driving a travel surge. However, since many entry regulations are still constantly changing in each country, be sure to check out our update of practical tips…Read more


Cheap Undiscovered Europe:

Beyond single supplements and other surcharges for traveling alone, travel prices are largely driven by supply and demand. As a result, one key way to locate cheap solo travel deals is by finding destinations off the beaten path… Read more

Solos Holiday Packing:

One challenge is how to take what you need but not get stuck dragging extra bags around. Worse yet? The checked baggage fees add up, often per leg! As a solo female traveler, I like to travel light… Read more

Try out some of the practical lessons we have learned on how to save on holiday travel as a solo. It’s amazing the feast you can create from the local grocery store… Read more

Choosing the Right Solo Holiday Destination:

The hardest thing can be how to pick the right destination. Holidays are really tricky if you travel solo. Vying for a table for one is no fun in top spots.  Read more

My favorites to date are:

Going Upriver on thee Amazon Brazil

New Year’s Eve in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mekong River Cruise + Thailand

Quebec City-Old Town  (Don’t Miss: Quebec City Bargains.)

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