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Holiday accidents: How to still have a good time

When you’re on holiday or travelling, you never know when a personal injury might strike and potentially ruin your good time. It could happen before you set foot on the plane or it could happen while you’re away, putting a dampener on your trip.

But it doesn’t have to.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you could still have fun. You just have to know how to do that.

Stay positive

You shouldn’t let your injury get the best of you. Staying positive is the most important way to still enjoy a holiday. If you don’t let things get you down, you can still have the fun you intended to. Try to frame things differently in your mind. For example, so you may have to ask people for help with certain things. Don’t see it as an imposition, but rather a chance to get talking to someone new.

If you’re able to get around – whether that’s on crutches or just a little slower than usual – you can probably still see most of what you originally planned. Make sure you find out which sites are accessible for you with your injury and prioritise those.

Be prepared

If you want to still have a good time while you’re on your holiday, you’ll need to lower your expectations for certain things. Don’t expect that everything will go as you planned. Just be prepared for things to take longer than you may have thought they would. 

Be aware that you might not be able to carry as much as you would have previously. Think about the luggage you’re hauling around with you and whether you potentially need to cut some of it loose. And rethink all the souvenirs you were going to fill your suitcase up with. Your friends and family will have to be satisfied with pictures and stories of the amazing time you had.

Consider your injury

Don’t overdo it while you’re away. You might be feeling pretty good, despite your injury. This could result in overconfidence, which could mean overexerting yourself. Even though you’re staying positive and having a good time, you still need to remember that you are injured and not quite 100%. Don’t go too crazy and remember to rest.

You might also need to bring certain walking aids with you, so do your research into what the most appropriate piece of equipment will be. Crutches, canes or walking sticks can be hugely helpful, but airlines might not always appreciate them. You’ll also need to think about what you have planned while you’re away and which walking aid will be the most helpful.

Blog while you’re recovering

Reliving your amazing holiday experiences can be a great way to spend your time when you’re recovering. If you’re not able to get around and take part in some of the activities you planned to, this is exactly the sort of thing you can do to rest up.

Blogging about what you’ve seen and done so far can also help to unleash your creativity. Think about adding photos of some of the incredible things you’ve seen. All you need to make them stand out are some free software programs for your laptop or phone. It can be incredibly simple to get your images looking stunning and ready for your new blog.

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