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Harvard University Campus: Practical Tips and Guide on Places to Visit

Harvard University campus is situated in Cambridge, near Boston, Massachusetts, and it is one of the most prestigious and popular universities students want to go to after school. It is a place that everyone should visit when going to Massachusetts. On this page, you can find some information and tips for visiting the Harvard University campus, that were gathered by writers from both ProHighGrades and EditProofRead services, as well as how to get the most out of your student’s years, no matter if you are a student or just a tourist.

Guide on Harvard University campus: Visit the best places

If you are working hard to become a Harvard student or already are, or maybe you are just interested in visiting Harvard as a tourist, this campus guide is going to help you out. Check out these campus place all Harvard students and visitors should definitely see:

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History. It is a public place which is located on the third floor of one of Harvard’s academic buildings. It is a pretty small Museum but nonetheless, it is a fantastic collection of samples of meteorites, skeletons, glass models, etc. Harvard students have a chance to visit such an incredible place for free, so don’t miss such an opportunity. 
  • The Charles River. It is a popular place not only among students of Harvard, but everyone else as well. Many students enjoy spending time there and try such activities as boating or cycling, or just having a picnic. Many festivals and events take place near the Charles River. 
  • Harvard Yard. If you have seen a picture of Harvard campus at least once, then you already know about this place. First-year students live in the Harvard Yard area, and many events are held here. It is definitely worth visiting if you are near the Harvard campus.
  • Cabot Library and Widener Library. If you are looking for a place on a campus where you can study by yourself or in a group at any time, then both of these libraries are going to be perfect for this goal. 
  • Harvard Square. It is one of the most popular meeting places in the city, and everyone who comes here should visit it. On the square, you can find many different theaters, cafes, bookshops, as well as many other interesting places that you should definitely visit. 

Tips how to get the most out of the college experience

When you go to college, you want these years to become the best in your life. But how to you get the most out of them? Find more tips here: 

  1. Explore the resources the school has to offer. College is not only about attending classes: you also have access to different clubs, extracurricular activities, health centers, lectures, as well as many other additional things that you have a chance to use without paying more money. You are free to use such resources, so all you have to do is just find them. 
  2. Learn a new language. Many colleges offer language courses and speaking clubs for their students. If you want to learn a foreign language or explore another country, use the possibility for your own good and join a club.
  3. Try a healthy lifestyle. Universities provide students with a variety of clubs and sections that let them find new interests and become more fit. If you have problems with health or just would like to become more sporty, use the opportunity to get healthier. 
  4. Just have fun. There is a reason why many adults say that college years are the best for them. During this period, you can find more friends, hobbies, travel around the world, change your worldview, and many other incredible things might happen to you as well. Don’t waste your time and discover the world around you. 
  5. Compose your resume. This advice is given to many students, and even though it is obvious, still it should be repeated. In university, you can be active, participate in different events and organize, volunteer, and do many other things that will make your CV stand out. 
  6. Check out initiatives that are provided by the college or its students. Often colleges organize different programs to help students study and become better, as well as learn more facts about art and culture. For example, Harvard offers Common Spaces program that provides students with fun and interesting events, performances, and exhibits. 

Become a part of the Harvard community 

For many students, it feels like Harvard is an impossible dream that can be achieved only by geniuses. If you want to walk around Harvard Allston Campus as a student and study anything you like, work hard to become a better student and attend one of the most popular universities. Just believe in your dream, and you will be able to achieve your goals! 

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