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Guide to the most impressive archeological sites in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most visited destinations to know the most important archaeological zones. So, I assure you that you will be more than amazed with the incredible constructions and findings that you will discover in the ancient Mayan cities, vestiges, pyramids, rooms, and cenotes with impressive depths. All these places will make your visit something unique and magical that will be kept forever within your experiences.

Now I’ll tell you a little about the most important archaeological sites in Mexico and give you some tips on how to visit such wonderful sites recognized as cultural heritage of humanity without missing a single detail.

The first archaeological site on the list is obviously the most important, Chichen Itza. Because it is one of the main attractions of tourism in Mexico, visit this place is easy. Because it is less than 4 hours from Cancun so that you can acquire a Car Rental Cancun or a Cancun Airport Transportation, so reaching this site will be very easy.

Something you have to know before traveling to this impressive site is that this is one of the most outstanding wonders of the modern world because when you know it, you will immerse in the most intriguing and exciting history of the Mayan culture.

I recommend you to visit Chichen Itza during the equinox seasons of the year; These are divided in two months, May and September. Where you will be able to know and to contemplate the wonder of the feathered serpent descending from the pyramid of Kukulcan through lights of sun and shades, also, you cannot lose the spectacles of light and sound that I assure you, will leave you perplexed.

In the second place, we have the archaeological zone of Tulum, which you can reach in approximately 1.50 hrs from Cancun.

The main attraction of this archaeological zone is the fort that is on the edge of a cliff that overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit in your life. So, to live this experience, you must be prepared with fresh clothes, and underneath this a comfortable bathing suit, so you don’t miss out on the site’s crystalline, warm waters (In Playa Paraiso).

Before your visit, remember that at the entrance of the area you will be offered a tour guide, if you take one of these tours, you can be sure that you will know much more about the area than you can read on internet sources.

Thirdly, we will introduce you to an icon of Chiapas, Palenque, where you will discover one of the most important ceremony centers for the Mayan culture. One of the attractions that are undoubtedly important in this site is El Palacio, which was built and reconstructed about 30 times during 400 long years, where the most important rites and ceremonies were performed for the Mayan rulers.

You can’t miss the mysterious temple of the inscriptions either, where you will certainly know the history of King Pakal, one of the most influential figures in the building of the most famous sculptures and constructions of Palenque.

Try to make your visits to this site out of the summer season. So you won’t have to deal with the torrential rains of the site.

In fourth place is Teotihuacan, located in central Mexico, is one of the main archaeological sites representing our country, because its name translated from the original Nahuatl means city of the gods.

This is one of the largest ancient cities because, in its heyday came to house more than 110,000 inhabitants, who ventured to be one of the cities with better architecture and natural wealth. So it was one of the most coveted sites by all the Aztec governors of nearby cities in his time.

The total extension of the area is 264 hectares, where you can see the temple of the feathered serpent, the iconic pyramid of the sun, the pyramid of the moon, the road of the dead, and some nearby rooms that you can not refuse to visit.  

With just a couple of hours in this place, you will be able to absorb thousands of years of history through the walls and buildings of the area.

Fifth Place and I will talk about Paquime in Chihuahua, one of the coolest places in Mexico, where this country used to connect with the United States. The main attraction of this archaeological site is the maze that leads to hundreds of hidden rooms, where you have to be very careful not to lose your way. Usually, the visits to this tour are guided by professionals who know the site.

At the time, this place was known for the enormous aquatic distribution it had, which was one of the main reasons why this site would have so much historical relevance since it was home to many species such as macaws and turtles.

You can’t miss the play of light and shadow, which you can enjoy by carefully observing the sun in different positions, all in one day.

No less peri in sixth place Monte Alban in Oaxaca joins this list, as it is an essential vestige of two cultures, Zapotec and Mixtec, as this was not only inhabited by one culture, but by two mentioned above.

One of the main activities that carried out in this site was the game of the ball and the dances so that you can imagine the magnitude of the areas reserved for these activities.

The inhabitants of these areas were experts in pottery, architecture, and mural paintings that you will be able to observe during your visit to this incredible site.

Finally, we have Tula Hidalgo, one of the most beautiful cities inhabited by the Atlantians, who built all their sculptures and pyramids and monuments with precious stones such as turquoise and jade, as well as coverings in the ceremony rooms with Jaguar skins.

The inhabitants of Tula were dedicated mainly to the trade of turquoise. One of the reasons why Tula is a great place is because of the construction like the Atlanteans. Large sculptures representing the strongest and bravest warriors of the site, most of these were in memory of some who had died in battles or were very recognized because, for this culture, every member of the warrior army was important.

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