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Group Touring NYC’s Strangest Landmarks

NYC has a long winding history behind itself, and it shows. From the ruins of a smallpox hospital to the bridge which is a suicide hotspot, it’s one of the primary attractions for group tours. Planning a group trip is not that hard when you plan to go to NYC, there are many vehicles available, hotels are available everywhere, and the food is straightforward to find.
So, here’s our tips to make many group trip to NYC a breeze.

1. Plan the vehicle early

In a crowded city like NYC, not finding a car is not a problem you’ll face. However, it’s necessary to plan and get your quotation ahead of time. Budget out your trip according to the type of vehicle you want, check out a private bus rental in NYC if you want a bus, or check out cars if you want a more comfortable driving experience. 

Make sure to get the quotations up soon and budget out the entire trip. Check out the duration and understand whether you want a driver or would you prefer your group to do the driving themselves. So, that it works out properly.

2. Places to visit

a. Roosevelt Island Hospital – This 1800s hospital was used for the treatment of Smallpox, and it is filled with an eerie atmosphere that pushes an environment of horror. It’s strange, and it stands towering over the nearby landscape.
b. Track 61 – This is the underground railroad which might’ve been used for Presidents to escape. FIlled with a great atmosphere and relics from a bygone era, this one subway journey you won’t forget.
c. Brooklyn Bridge – This is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of those who commit suicide in the area. Brooklyn Bridge has been a suicide hotspot for years, and it holds a beautiful facade with a terrifying history.

3. Your pit stops

Remember to visit Lombardi’s Pizza, which has been the longest running pizzeria not only in NYC but, in the entirety of America. There are many other eateries and delightful places to visit for the people dotted throughout the city too.

East 43rd Street is also one of the best places to visit, with a tropical forest right inside an office building. NYC is one of those places which holds up history in every nook and corner.

Plot out your stops ahead of time so that, you can make sure that the entire road throughout your tour is clear to everyone. Make sure to have pit stops in between the whole journey so that you can have your group in the best health and always relaxed.

4. Guided Tours

Most NYC landmarks offer guided tours. For those unfamiliar with the history of the NYC, you can make the trips more fun by adding trivia quizzes to your visits. The best way to do it is to book your excursions in advance. Make sure that the tours follow-up the route you’ve selected and all the times are in sync with your preferences.

The ideal tour not only includes history and exciting lessons for everyone, but it also has some of the most exciting stories that everyone can take home. Make sure that everyone involved gets to participate too.

5. Plan out Distractions

Make sure that the trip does not get boring. NYC is a big city, and your tour might last the whole day, so it’s better to plan out some distractions. The distractions should be inclusive so that everyone in the team can participate. Put some games and other activities in there so, that the people are entertained through the way. There are many places where you can get lists of events, so, make sure it works for everyone.

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