Going on a Hot Tub Retreat? Here is What You Need to Know

Going on a Hot Tub Retreat? Here is What You Need to Know

Planning a hot tub retreat? There are few better ways to unwind and chill out than a hot tub while you are on holiday as being in the warm water in a beautiful setting is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing – you are sure to turn home feeling refreshed and energised. While these can be lovely experiences, you must also make sure that the hot tub is properly maintained and that you are using them safely.

Hygiene & Safety

Relaxing in the hot tub can be a lovely experience especially with friends, but you must consider hygiene as you certainly won’t want to end up with a skin infection. It is for this reason why it is important that everyone has a shower before entering the tub to promote hygiene and avoid contaminating the water with bacteria.

Length & Illness

It is important to be aware of the fact that high water temperatures can take their toll. It is for this reason why a healthy individual should limit their time in the tub to 15 minutes to avoid overheating – you can then re-enter once you have cooled down. Leading on from this, if you suffer with heart or breathing problems or you have a disease or illness then it might be best to avoid the hot tub or to turn down the temperature.

Cloudiness or Foam

If the water is cloudy or foamy then it is best to avoid the hot tub as the water need to be cleaned or shocked. Foamy water is usually a result of a buildup of oils which usually comes from people. If you have trouble restoring the water then you may need to start again with fresh water.

PH Levels

It is important that the hot tub has the right pH levels as otherwise this can damage the tub and even the people in the water. If the water is too acidic (below 7.2) the sanitiser will be less effective which could cause irritation to the eyes and skin as well as damage the hot tub parts. Anything too alkaline (over 7.8) can also impact the effectiveness of the sanitiser and lead to scale buildups. A pH meter needs to be used to monitor pH levels and you can then use products to balance hot tub water to make it comfortable and safe to use.

Hot tub retreats are a brilliant way to unwind but you must also know about hot tub safety, hygiene and maintenance. The above information will help you to get the most out of your trip so that you can enjoy spending time in the tub and relaxing.

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