Getting around after a car accident

Getting around after a car accident

When you have a car accident on holiday, the worst thing could be that your time away has been ruined. But it doesn’t have to be.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you could be back exploring in a matter of hours. If you’ve had a major accident, of course it will be more difficult to get around, but all doesn’t have to be lost. You have options.

After the accident

In some cases, a car accident – or any type of incident – can leave you a bruise from your seatbelt and nothing more. Side note: this is why you need to always wear yours. When this happens, all you need to do is have a cup of tea or a pint of the local beer and let the shock wear off. You’ll be back on the tourist trail before you know it.

But if your accident was more serious, you might find that you suffer a more serious injury to go along with it. This could throw a large spanner in the works of your holiday. Injuries like broken bones – especially the legs – can make mobility a real problem. But you will recover from injuries like these so try not to let it completely ruin your mood. Head off to the hospital and let the doctors do their jobs.

Travelling after an injury

Airlines will usually have rules about what kinds of casts you’re allowed. Some only allow cracked casts on board to allow for the swelling that comes with being in the air, for example. So, if you need to fly as part of your holiday, find this information out before you head to the airport just to be told you can’t catch your flight.

Most airports will offer assistance, so this shouldn’t be too big a concern for you. Just request their help when checking in and you could find yourself in a wheelchair with priority boarding. This can go a long way towards making flying easier.

Do your research

If you have any plans or activities booked for your holiday, do your research and find out whether you can still go when you’re injured. Some sights won’t be accessible if you’re in a wheelchair or on crutches. This means you won’t be able to go in so it’s vital to check before turning up if you’ll be able to.

If you’re unable to visit and you paid in advance, you should then check out the process for getting your money back. You could then do a little more research and find some sights that are accessible for you. Making a new list of activities may not be what you wanted to do but if you go into it with a positive attitude, you’ll have as good a time as you intended to.

Find the hospitals

If you’re planning to move around during your holiday, it’ll help to find out where the hospitals and medical centres are where you’re going. Then, if you have any concerns about your injury or it suddenly gets worse or changes, you know where to go. Ask your hotel receptionist for details on the best hospital or clinic in the area as they might have more insight than Google.

After an injury, the most important thing to do when you’re on holiday is research. If you have all the information you need, you can still enjoy your time away. Just make sure you sort your travel insurance out before you go anywhere!

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