Gamechanger: 2021 Travel Updates

Gamechanger: 2021 Travel Updates

Travel News from Around the World:

The big story: The long anticipated COVID-19 vaccine is about to launch. On Nov. 30, 2020, Moderna applied for emergency FDA approval for their Coronavirus vaccine. As early as Dec. 21, the first shots could begin to be given.

What does this mean for travel in 2021:

·    A surge is predicted with solo travelers a big part of the lead.

·    Countries and airlines will issue updated regulations which may vary widely from quarantines to testing or vaccination certification. For example, to date, Qantas has said in the future international travelers, with some exceptions, must show certification that they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. This is not unprecedented. In recent times, vaccine certifications, such as yellow fever, were required for travelers coming from certain regions. (Those of us long-time travelers will remember carrying our well-worn “Yellow Card” issued by the World Health Organization.)

·    Airports around the world may still have their own regulations both for local residents and foreign visitors.

·    Demand for travel will surge so we recommend booking as soon as possible to grab best deals.

·    Be flexible, and expect last minute changes and cancellations. Purchase travel insurance and/or fully cancellable tickets, especially for airfare. Be aware that refunds may be for credits only not cash. Our tip: When you book your flights read the fine print carefully, and think about whether you could easily use their credit for an alternate destination within the airline’s route.

·    Lodgings typically offer greater flexibility for late changes. However, be aware that if you miss stated deadlines you may lose at least your first night’s deposit. For savings up to 47%, go to our link on our Solo Trekker 4 U home page. For budget options and special “Value Deals”, go to our user-friendly

·    Many tour operators and hotels/other lodgings have begun to respond to travelers’ safety concerns independently or in conjunction with local tourist boards. In Sri Lanka, NKAR Travels and Tours which hosted my 7 day visit to this enchanting island country has just been awarded the hard to receive certification of compliance with the national standards during COVID-19 followed by an audit by the globally recognized firm, KPMG. 

What’s happening now and in the short-run?

In the meantime, as winter approaches, the COVID-19  pandemic is surging.  While we await the vaccine, it is important that we continue to follow recommended health guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and other reputable health experts.

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