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Four Spectacular Places to go Kayaking in Queensland

Kayaking isn’t just a lot of fun–it’s also a great way to get in some exercise while you enjoy picturesque views of the coast. Whether you’re kayaking along an ocean, a river, or a lake, it’s a great activity that you can use to explore the world’s waters and have fun with family and friends at the same time. 

Queensland in Australia isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing. It has a number of kayaking venues, thanks to its lush coastline and beautiful beaches. While its oceans are often seen as its main attraction, Queensland also has tantalizing rivers that are perfect for kayaking because of how narrow they are. Inaccessible any other way, these beautiful rivers are perfect for the water sport. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best four places to go kayaking in the entire sunshine state. Keep reading to see which top spots made it to our list!

Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, near Brisbane

The Tangalooma Wrecks add an adventure and narrative element to regular kayaking because of the 15 sunken ships that make up the kayaking site. In 1963, each of these ships was set into the water to create a breakwater for local fishermen. However, over time, they ended up becoming an ecosystem comprised of 175 species of tropical fish, turtles, moray eels, dolphins, and stingrays. 

Both the ships and wildlife are a great reason to choose this kayaking site. You can rent your own kayak or, if you’re going with family and/or friends, book a local kayaking tour so that you can get guided commentary. Explore this awesome site at your own pace and drink in the view!

Fitzroy Island, near Cairns

Fitzroy Island is a tropical island paradise right off the coast of Cairns. You can ride the 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns to find yourself on an island that has one of the best points of access right at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is the ultimate kayaking location because of its proximity to the reef and the numerous species of sea life that live in the area. 

The island also hosts some of the best Great Barrier Reef kayaking tours. You can commission a guided tour–the island’s standard is lead by a Marine Biologist and is a 3-hour guided sea kayaking tour. It’s done via glass-bottom kayak, making the entire ocean bed visible as you glide through the water. It also contains stops at islands that aren’t open to the public otherwise, making sure that your kayaking experience is unique and memorable. The tour fees also include a delicious picnic lunch, taking care of your entire day. 

During the stops, you also have the option of going snorkelling at one of the many stops around Fitzroy Island. You can take an up-close look at the various corals in different textures and colours, majestic sea turtles, giant clams, and a plethora of different tropical fish. Lastly, this island is one of the most budget-friendly, with a kayaking option for everyone–no matter the budget. 

Babinda Creek, near Cairns 

Kayaking is a great way to explore the different streams of Babinda Creek. The Creek’s streams are crystal clear and are always in flux, changing every season so that no two kayaking trips are the same. The Creek also has a lot of wildlife that’s unique to the area. When you kayak along Babinda Creek, expect to see a wide variety of fish, turtles, and even platypus!

Whether you decide to bring your own kayak or join one of the tours (you can choose between a half-day tour and a whole-day tour), you’re bound to have a magical time along Babinda Creek. If you have the option to choose a glass-bottom boat kayak, this is definitely preferable so that you can get a crystal-clear view of the river bed and the different wildlife that live there! 

Noosa Everglades, Sunshine Coast 

The wonderful Noosa Everglades are very popular in the world of kayaking enthusiasts on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a mere 20 minutes away by bus from the chipper, busy town of Noosa. The Noosa Everglades flow south from the coastal sand dunes, covering a total of 60 kilometres. Its waters are clear and bright, with 65% of it under protection and classification as part of the National Park. The Everglades are lined with unique, eye-catching native plants and animals. 

While you’re here, you can hire a kayak tour–the guided tours are the most popular for their adventurous and informative tone. Experts give a new twist to the stretch of pristine water by giving you a short history of the different plant and animal life that you’ll encounter on your trip!

Kayaking is a great compromise between the safety of a glass-bottom boat tour and the up-close and intimate nature of scuba diving and snorkeling. Because Australia is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, its Queensland locations are the most popular among kayaking enthusiasts. 

When planning your next vacation, make sure that you consider kayaking as one of the activities to make this a great trip! Whether you choose a vast location like one of the beaches lining the Sunshine Coast or one of the smaller, more intimate freshwater creeks and streams inland, a vacation where you go kayaking is one that you definitely won’t forget!

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