Flying With a Baby: What You Need to Know

Flying With a Baby: What You Need to Know

Flying can be a stressful and difficult task even when you are the only person travelling, so you can only imagine how much the stakes are raised when you have a baby to think about as well! Not only are you trying to come up with ways to make your journey easier and make your baby comfortable, but there is always that thought of making sure that those nearby are not inconvenienced too much which can cause you even more stress.

It can be a tricky thing to get right, but there are definitely lots of tips and tricks that can help you to the finish line. Here are some tips about what you need to know with regards to flying with a baby.

Bring A Baby Sleep Pod

Making your baby comfortable for long periods of time in the air is vital for both your sanity and the sanity of those around you. Consider investing in something like one of Mokee baby sleep pods. It is a super soft mini cot bed with a beautiful design that can give you some more versatility when confined in a cramped airplane.

Direct Flights

When possible, try to book a direct flight rather than one that has a layover in another destination. If you can get on a plane and settle yourself and your baby down with all of the essentials in place, it will be so much easier and more stress-free not to have to get up and reset all over again in different seats.

Restroom Visit

At the last moment before you board the plane, make a final trip to the restroom with your little one. Make sure they are changed and cleaned in order to be spotless on entry, as this will give the biggest window of time before having to try to change them again. For shorter flights, you might find that you can get away with just a single check, or maybe not one at all if you are lucky!


If the airline you are flying with has the option, it is always worth paying that little bit extra for pre-boarding. This will allow you to board the plane first and get organized and settled, so as not to hold everyone else up in general boarding and to also prevent you being caught up in the melee.

Buy A Separate Seat

Even if your baby or toddler is small enough to be able to sit on your lap for the duration of a flight, it is so much better if you can book them their own seat. If nothing else, it gives you an area to put all of the baby essentials without imposing on the personal space of a neighboring passenger. For toddlers especially, both you and your little one will be much more comfortable if you have the option to be seated next to each other rather than on top of each other.

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