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Five of the top rainforest destinations in the world

It’s entirely understandable as to why some people opt for a more relaxing Caribbean getaway or perhaps prefer the idea of a city adventure in South America for their holiday, but it’s equally just as understandable for others who want to immerse themselves in nature and take in some of the earth’s life with a rainforest tour. We certainly aren’t short on options either. 

Of course, exploring vast amounts of rainforest – and even a jungle too – can be a tough experience for some. There can be a lot of trekking involved, conditions can be unpredictable, and there are all sorts of bugs and nasties which might give you the occasional itch. For some, the prospect of that is a potential nightmare, instead opting to take in rainforests and jungle life by playing popular jungle-themed slot games for real money or watching classics like the The Jungle Book while lounging around the pool in a luxury resort. For others, though, the opportunity to experience an astounding level of animals and plants is impossible to turn down. The world has plenty to offer, too, with an abundance of rainforest travel destinations well worth venturing to. Below is a look at five of them. 

Alta Floresta (Brazil)

A relatively unknown Brazilian city located just above the Pantanal Wetlands, Alta Floresta is a place where two diverse ecosystems collide. The result of this is a truly stunning location to witness, with the area containing a number of endemic species. Monkeys, birds, and some truly gorgeous fish can be spotted alongside a selection of other magnificent creatures. The Cristalino Lodge is a great place, particularly as it has two giant canopy towers which are ideal for taking in an array of wildlife. 

Monteverde Cloud Forest (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the most highly desirable destinations of its type on the planet. Home to more than 100 mammal species, 400 species of bird, and thousands of different insects and birds, the area is a fantastic location to take in. It’s common to see howler monkeys, jaguars, macaws, ocelots, and a whole host of other animals also. The fact you’re essentially walking through clouds as you take in its amazing surroundings makes Monteverde Cloud Forest even more special. 

Puerto Maldonado (Peru)

The gateway to Peru’s southern Amazon, Puerto Maldonado is a fantastic destination to explore. With some incredible rainforest tours on offer, you can have the trip of a lifetime here. The Tambopata Reserve is a popular option as it provides visitors with a look at some truly wonderful wildlife, from colourful birds and parrots to monkeys, capybara, peccary, and tapir. You might even see a jaguar if you’re lucky, too. 

Daintree Rainforest (Australia) 

Located in Queensland, Australia, Daintree Rainforest is a diverse landscape with plenty to offer. For starters, you’ll be able to capture some truly memorable imagery thanks to its selection of gorges, waterfalls, mountains, dense forest, white sand beaches, and reefs that are located just offshore. On top of this, there is an array of reptiles, butterfly species, birds, and other animals to take a look at too. 

Manaus (Brazil)

Yet another popular option at the moment, Manaus in Brazil is the gateway to the Amazon River. What comes with that is quite spectacular, especially as you enjoy a cruise down the famous river and explore a range of protected areas boasting some of the world’s most amazing wildlife. Squirrel monkeys and capuchins are particularly common, so too are birds and some of the more rare rainforest life. The Anavilhanas National Park is worth visiting if you can. 

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