A friend of mine has been working for several years already in Singapore, but he makes it a point to go back to his home in the Philippines to spend the holidays and special occasions with his family. One may wonder how he is capable of traveling that often, as if Singapore and the Philippines are just a bus ride away from each other. Well, it is obvious that Cheap Flights to Singapore have made those trips possible.

With an array of airline choices like KLM, British Airways, SAS, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Ethiad, and Lufthansa, you can get cheap flights to Singapore. You can get low price air fares through their online flight service reservation. There are a lot to choose from like various vacation packages for cheap flights, discounted air fare tickets, and many more.

Flight Center offers cheap flights to Singapore for all types of traveler; from students to backpackers to professional business men and women. Obviously with these inexpensive flights, people tend to take advantage of visiting this country to try dragon boat racing, enjoy the groovy bars of Chinatown, and pick up a bargain along Orchard Road.

Singapore proves to be a haven for those who love to shop. If you enjoy some late night retail therapy, you can go to Mustafa Center in Little India which is the only 24 hour department store in Singapore that sells a wide variety of goods. People flock to this place and make use of this chance to acquire and buy at wholesale price. The early summer months bustle in anticipation for the Singapore Summer Sale – a time when tourists can cash in on the competitive prices of electronic equipment, jewelry, and other merchandise. The business activity flourishes amidst the celebration of Chinese, Hindu and Muslim Festivals that punctuate the year with their colorful presentations. These include the Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Hari Raya Puasa, Vesak Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, and Thaipuasam.

Singapore can be quite expensive if you do not know where to find the bargain. In 2009, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Singapore as the 10th most expensive city in the world in which to live. So to have that additional pocket money you can spend on shopping, it is best first and foremost to travel on budget airlines. Singapore’s first low-cost carrier, Valuair was launched in 2004, prompting dominant carrier Singapore Airlines to invest in a new low-cost startup, Tiger Airways, to beat the competition. Not to be outdone, Singapore Changi Airport’s second most dominant carrier, Qantas Airways, also started its Asian offshoot, Jetstar Asia Airways which is based in Singapore. In 2005, the owners of Jetstar Asia took over Valuair and merged the two carriers.

Now with the arrival of budget air fares, the world has surely become a whole lot smaller for everyone. Compare air fare prices and look for one that offers the best deal before making a decision. Be flexible on the departure dates because usually it is cheaper to fly mid-week. If possible, book from a local budget airline, such as Tiger Airways or Jetstar Asia. Singapore’s national airline, Singapore Airlines, and other major airline companies in the world from time to time also offer cheap flights to Singapore.

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