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Explore Romania-A Top Solo Travel Destination

Explore Romania-A Top Solo Travel Destination: If you have never been to Eastern Europe, check out this sample journey through Romania. Prices are much lower than Western Europe, and there is much to see.

Explore Romania Tour

Day 1

We will great you at the airport and head straight to Sinaia

 Day 2

We will visit one of the peaks of the Bucegi Mountains by cable car where we will take some photos with the Bucegi Sphinx, after we will take another cable car to the Padina Plateau where we will walk to the Ialomita Monastery that is built literally inside a cave.

On our return to Sinaia in the afternoon, you will be free to roam around or take a short walk in the forests surrounding this small settlement.

 Day 3

In the first part of the day we will visit Peles Castle and roam around the castle’s beautiful gardens.

After that we will head towards Brasov where we will have lunch and take the cable car to Postavaru Massif, where we will have an amazing view of the city and its surroundings

We will spend the evening in Brasov.

 Day 4

Today we will visit the Citadel of Rasnov where we will learn about its history and military purpose

Our second stop will be at the Liberty Bears Sanctuary.

We will have a traditional lunch at Cheile Gradistei, a place with amazing surrounding views.

After lunch we will visit the infamous Dracula’s Castle where you will be taken back in time to Vlad the Impaler’s era and check out the way he lived and some of the things that he did that made him the inspiration for Bran Stoker’s book: Dracula.

The night will be spent in Brasov.

 Day 5

In the morning we will start our journey towards the northern part of Romania.

On the way we will stop at the famous Bicaz Gorge where you will be admire nature’s power of erosion. Here we will take a short break to stretch our legs.

The next stop of the day will be at St. Ana’s Lake where we will have lunch. If weather allows, you will embark on a short boat trip on the lake, the only crater lake in Romania.

The rest of the day will be spent in Gura Humorului.

 Day 6

Today, we will visit the Bison Reserve and some of the area’s UNESCO Monasteries, rich in both religious and cultural heritage.

The night will be spent in Gura Humorului.

 Day 7

In the morning we will tour some of the most beautiful painted Churches and Monasteries in Romania such as : Voronet Monastery, famous for the unique shade of blue called Vornonet Blue,  Sucevita Monastery, Putna and Moldovita Monastery. All of them included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

We will spend the night at Gura Humorului.

 Day 8

After we pack, we will depart for Horses Waterfall where we will do a bit of hiking through the beautiful Romanian mountain landscapes. The rest of the day and the night we will spend at Viseul de Sus, where you will relax after the hike through the woods and admire the surroundings.

 Day 9

In the morning we will embark on one of the, if not the last working steam-powered train in Europe, called Mocanita.

After that, we are going to Scarisoara Cave, where you will be amazed by nature’s power and wonders.

Today’s journey will end at Garda de Sus.

 Day 10

Ready to depart towards Cluj. We will visit the old town where we can have a nice lunch at some of the best restaurants in the city. After that, we will take a short trip to Banffy Castle, the host of Electric Castel Festival.

We will spend the rest of the afternoon and the night in Cluj

 Day 11

Today we will leave Cluj and go to the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, Garda de Sus, a splendid place surrounded by mountains. On our way there we will visit the Scarisoara Glacier and Cave.

Lunch will be served at Grada de Sus and in the afternoon, you will be able to roam around at will as we will spend the rest of the day here.

 Day 12

Today we will venture even deeper into Apuseni Natural Park as we  will be traveling towards Meziad Cave and Bears Cave.

After visiting these landmarks, we return to Garda de Sus where dinner will be waiting of us upon arrival.

 Day 13

Today we are leaving the wilderness as we will be driving towards the Danube Canyon, the place where the Danube River enters Romania and has formed over time amazing structures. On our way there the first stop will be at Turda Salt Mine where will enjoy the amusement park found deep inside the earth while we are inhaling healthy salt rich air, and the second stop will be at the Corvin Castle, a medieval castle filled with legends.

We will spend the night at the Danube Canyon.

Day 14

We will embark in a boat ride to the famous Iron Gates, take pictures with the stone carved portrait of Dacia’s ruler, Decebal, and visit 2 other amazing caves. We plan on visiting all of these today and spend the late afternoon enjoying the vibe that this place has to offer and recharge our batteries.

  Day 15

This day is dedicated to history as we will visit the ruins of the capital of Dacia, Sarmizegetusa Regia and after that we will spend the afternoon and the evening in Sibiu, a medieval city that will give you a nostalgic feeling just by roaming around it.

 Day 16

Just a few kilometers away lies another medieval city, called Sighisoara and we will make it our next stop, not before visiting the Fortified Citadel of Biertan and the village built around it.

In Sighisoara we will visit the city’s citadel and climb in the city tower to take some panoramic shots over the city.

 Days 17

Today we will leave this medieval city and head towards Bucharest, Romania’s capital.

Once we reach the capital, we will have lunch in the Old Town, and after we will check out the Palace of Parliament, one of the biggest state institution buildings in the world, after the Pentagon as well as the The Romanian Peasant Museum, a place that incorporates all of Romania’s traditional architectural pieces in one place.

We will spend the evening sipping beverages and having a laugh in Bucharest’s Old Town.

 Day 18

Given that this is your last full day, it will be a free day for you to relax, do some shopping, walk around the city center or just enjoy the local cafés.

 Day 19

 This is the day that we sadly have to say good bye at the airport and hope that your journey with us was one that you enjoyed.


On Day 3 – we can organize a quadbike riding session in the Bucegi Mountains or a Horseback riding session

On Day 9 – we can arrange for a kayaking session on Snagov lake for the ones who are interested.


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