Enjoying the nicest casinos in Macau: a guide

Enjoying the nicest casinos in Macau: a guide

The rise of Asia has been fascinating to watch over the years. In the West, we’ve grown accustomed to 2% annual growth rates being normal. For nations like China, though, 10%+ rates of expansion were normal for decades. In comparison, their current 6-7% growth rate feels slow to them.

Nonetheless, these numbers have produced unimaginable wealth. China has gaming traditions that go back eons. Today, whilst gambling is illegal on the mainland, the Chinese government allows it in Macau.

This exception has turned the former Portuguese colony into the Las Vegas of Asia. Today, you’ll find over 40 casinos on this 115 square kilometre island, along with a myriad of things to do. Which casinos are worth your time? In this blog, we’ll share three of our favourites. 

NOTE: One thing before we begin: Whilst you’re there, give games like Pai Gow and Sic Bo a try. Not clear on the rules? This smart casino guide will fill you in on the basics. Study the rules for an hour, and you’ll be gaming like a local in no time!

The Grand Lisboa Macau

Of all the gaming palaces in Macau, none have the presence of the Grand Lisboa. Opened in 1970 as the Casino Lisboa, it attained its present form in 2008. Shaped like a golden lotus flower, it towers over its surroundings at a dizzying height of 856 feet.

Unlike its Vegas-inspired competitors, the Grand Lisboa is focused primarily on gambling. Aside from a theatre that offers live entertainment and a Michelin star restaurant, its all about the games here. Its casino floor features just under 900 slots, and approximately 400 table games. Aside from the usual suspects, these include fortune wheel and casino war (an easy high card/low card game).   

The Venetian Macau

Over the past decade, the arrival of Las Vegas brands drove much of Macau’s growth. The Venetian Macau is the biggest by far – in fact, the Venetian Macau is the largest casino resort in the world. Its gaming floor alone takes up 376,000 square feet of space. On it, you’ll find more than 1,700 slots and over 600 table games.

The resort portion of the property is a duplicate of its sister property in Vegas. Everything from the gondoliers to its Italian-style cafes mimics the feel of the original casino. If you’re looking for an enjoyable stay that balances amenities with gaming, the Venetian is a solid choice.

MGM Macau

MGM isn’t just a movie-making giant – they have an impressive gaming empire as well. When they opened a casino resort in Macau in 2007, they didn’t mess around. Everything in the MGM Macau oozes luxury. From its Salvador Dali pieces to its elegant glass ceiling, you’ll feel like a millionaire here.

On its casino floor, over 1,200 slot machines will vie for your attention, as will over 400 table games. When you’re done tossing your cash around, give your body some TLC at the Tria Spa. After a pedicure or an invigorating hammam session, go for a swim outside. With magnificent ocean views, it will prove to be the perfect end to your day. 

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