Ibiza’s allure extends far beyond its lively atmosphere to include some of the Mediterranean’s most exquisite yacht charters. Embark on a unique journey aboard one of these six luxury yachts, each offering a blend of sophistication, performance, and a storied connection to the enchanting waters of Ibiza.

Mangusta 130 Chill Out – Sleek elegance on the waves

The Mangusta 130 Chill Out on the Island of Ibiza expects a new paradigm of luxury yachting, merging the fervour of the pleasure cruise, and the incomparable luxury of the interior.

The gorgeous yacht known as M/Y Overmarine Group was designed by this well-known company and built for those who cannot imagine anything better than the maximum thrill and relaxation while traversing the Mediterranean Sea. This is perfectly expressed in its name “Chill Out” which describes a way of life in which you need just some rest and good feelings to continue memorable adventures around Ibiza, through the stunning landscaped and bays of Formentera.

This splendid yacht is based on the principles of beauty and modern engineering; a profile designed to guarantee a fast and steady movement whilst sailing, and lastly the interior to fulfil up with the highest expectations for a comfortable stay on the sea. Before the takeoff, the visitors are surrounded with lush space. Everything from luxury atmosphere to tremendous environment is in few expressions. From lounges on the deck to pamper in a sunbathing state to cabins where the nights can be restful, the Mangusta 130 makes the sea be like a sanctuary.

Fully stocked with the latest leisure paraphernalia and an abundance of water toys, it excites one’s leisure as well as adventure taste alike. Be it cruising through the waves on a jet as you make way through the heaving waters or relaxing in the jacuzzi while chatting and snacking, there’s something new to experience at every instant. The culinary surprises cuisine on board is one of the main elements of the trip which is inspired by the nutritious local ingredients.

In other words, this Mangusta 130 Chill Out luxury charter is the place where every yachting voyage becomes the blend of thrill and peacefulness. The hidden gem of Ibiza waiting for you to dive into your best yachting experience ever.

Vanquish 82 – A vision of modernity

At the pinnacle of the yachting evolution, stands the Vanquish 82 with every yard of the vessel carefully designed to offer both harmony and beauty in motion as the state-of-the-art technological edge. Its famous and sleek outlines with fluid lines which are so steeply pronounced are bound to grab your attention and persuade you to enjoy the perfect vacation on Ibiza’s lively waters.

With a high-performance engine at its core, this yacht is designed for explorers who seek to merge the love of adventure with the engine-thrill of cruising to remote bays, the yacht’s wonderfully designed interior is so much to be admired, providing room for 10 guests who can stay in either the large master bedroom or the double bedded VIP rooms.

Then, there is the insides that makes the Vanquish 82 the most lavish place inside a contemporary world. Every area comes to realise from leather-only furniture to the last-gen entertainment systems, all specially designed for passengers’ comfort. There is hands down finger-labored workmanship in each and every element that include high-quality materials with bespoke finishes creating atmospheres of affluent comfort. It is not just a way to move but also a place that has a lot of potential, given that the appeal of Ibiza is one which also facilitates indelible images.

Pershing 92 – The epitome of speed and style

Sculpted silver hull with flawless design to match shines ratifying the maker’s advanced technology, ecstatic beauty, and the supreme smooth and comfort levels. Featured by exuberant movement, this yacht can effortlessly dive into azure waters, offering an exhilarating speed which serves to kick every voyage from Ibiza’s stunning seascape out of the park to an unrivalled thrill.

It is the yacht that has a hard time letting go of its habit of being the best one by excellence in both engineering skilfulness and designing elegance, even without any sort of compromise in its unique sailing experience.

A place, where design and technology can be best exhibited, the Pershing 92’s interior is meticulously reviewed to satisfy even most fastidious visitors. The luxury of modern style and comfort together create a harmony of high-end design and latest technology. Giving the fact that spacious decks entice relaxation beyond tree or space travel, the sumptuous salons and staterooms, crafted by the master hand of the finest materials and carved with intricacies, become the ideal peace-giving places. If you adore the rush of jetting, the calmness of bays, or any other characteristics of sea adjacent to Ibiza, this is the right yacht to feel those emotions. The Pershing 92 is a combination of pace and luxury, which makes it the ultimate boat for water sports around Ibiza.

Riva Argo 90 – Timeless beauty

The Riva Argo 90 epitomizes the equalization of tradition and the coming end of a new era. People see with their own eyes in this 90-foot craft into the depths of luxurious yachting in the clean, white vessel. Redefining nautical elegance since a century ago, under the legendary brand of Riva, with its unrivaled luxury craft technology and cutting edge design this yacht merge the current age of excellence with innovation. It serves me as the most traded style ship, that will adorn the classy ones who would rush through the beach slopes of Ibiza.

The Argo 90 has a style similar to others particularly because of its famous profile, however, its sleek lines combined with the dynamic design that has come to define the rich tradition of the Riva yacht brand stand out. The superyacht has both an imposing demeanor and a welcoming approach, providing everything needed for sunbathing, al fresco dining or simply enjoying the broad views of the Mediterranean Sea.

However, it is inside the Riva Argo 90 that owners will experience the fabulous life that comes with the incredible luxury and advancements. Every part, from tapisserie to the top of the line amusement lies has been meticulously selected in order to bring about a distinctively cosy and elite ambiance. The vessel boasts of multiple spacious staterooms, each a wide private haven of peace, with 7 guests enjoying cozy nooks within which to relax.

Having in mind the cognizance of ocean yachting skill to tender you an exclusive yachting experience, the Argo 90 is ready with powerful engine which ushers in smooth and swift navigation making it perfect for encountering Ibiza iconic coastline and beyond. Whether it is coming to the picturesque spots that only a few people know, participating in the rich and pulsating nightlife, or reclining in the tranquil environment on the deck, the Riva Argo 90 is a vessel that will overtake you with a marvelous voyage in the glorious heritage.

Astondoa 102 – Majestic beauty

The 102 is an integral product of the shipyard craftsmanship and luxury. It represents an untiring effort to engineer navigation tools. Conveying its purposeful décor and lush comfort, the yacht voyage will also incorporate quality time for its occupants thanks to its world class amenities.

Conceived for luxury life on the sea, the interiors of the new 102 by Astondoa delivered to the wish-list of the owners of high-end modern yachts. The cabin is designed with the greatest taste. It has remarkable luxury furniture, advanced features and access to the beautiful seascape. Yacht’s deck is crafted well to provide relaxation time which is filled with uncountable fun. It is equipped with different amenities from sunbathing and dining to gazing at the stars while socialising.

In addition, the suites aboard the 102 Astondoa have luxury to spare, yet each guest ship has his/her very own with privacy beyond it. The Astondoa 102 with its graceful fusion of aesthetics, performance and unparalleled service is the ultimate way to absolutely spoil yourself, explore Ibiza’s famous shoreline highlighting the magnificent views of the coast. experience Ibiza’s enchanting waters in unparalleled comfort and opulence.

CRN 130 – Uncharted luxury

The yacht CRN 130 completely represents the zenith of luxury yachting, representing the set point of unparalleled nautical achievements and, as a result, appearing as a prodigious edifice to CRN’s cherished history in the elite yacht construction. Bringing forth from one of the most prestigious shipyards of Italy, this bespoke super-yacht is a wonder of engineering, mind, and handcraft, a creation that is tailored for aficionados of luxury who seek anything but any other form of sub-par quality when they hit the sea.

This elegant masterpiece combines a painstaking selection of high-end materials with a striking design of the future, and as a result the CRN 130 rewrites what luxury yachting means. This magnificent vessel would have each and every inch of her design envisioned, to create an ambiance of sophistication and exclusivity; that would be seen from her stunning exterior lines to the sumptuous elegance that is her interior spaces.

The CRN 130, which is an emblem of a new regulation for yachting, goes beyond a mere hearth of luxury and quiet as it serves as the hallmark of the characteristics calendar of the creators. It is a moving fortress, a work of art in itself, designed to carry its inhabitants just as much as to elevate and embellish their journey – raising its standard from a vessel to the epitome of nautical superiority.

Embarking on a journey aboard any of these remarkable yachts provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience Ibiza’s iconic seascape. From the sleek elegance of the Mangusta 130 Chill Out to the luxurious grandeur of the CRN 130, each vessel is a gateway to the ultimate in maritime luxury, offering bespoke voyages that weave together the island’s captivating beauty with the essence of yachting splendour.

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