Cultural Etiquettes: 10 Dos and Don’ts on Your Dubai Trip

Cultural Etiquettes: 10 Dos and Don’ts on Your Dubai Trip

Dubai is an incredible and glamorous city. It welcomes visitors from around the world. Here you will get surrounded by friendly people, brilliant sunshine, delicious food, exhilarating activities like dubai desert safari and luxurious buildings. There are many amazing things to do in Dubai. You will find genuine, courteous and hospitable people in this fabulous city. There are still some dos and don’ts of visiting this city.


Take Taxis:

Dubai isn’t a pedestrian friendly city. You might get lost while walking around the city. Therefore it is advisable to take a taxi. Sometimes it gets so hot that you won’t desire to walk around. The taxis are not much expensive, and many drivers understand and speak English. There are special taxis for women too. Luxury taxis are also available, but they cost a bit high. Well, this doesn’t mean that cheap taxis are not comfortable. They are nice. 

Ride the Metro:

This is a rail network in Dubai. It is the cheapest way to explore UAE. It is the easiest, efficient and the most convenient means of transportation. It has a fully automated rail system. Ride the Dubai Metro to get around like a local. The Dubai Metro has its attraction. It is well maintained and impeccably clean. 

See the Burj Khalifa:

Dubai trips are incomplete without a visit to the tallest skyscraper of the world, i.e., the Burj Khalifa. Noticeable from every part of the city, this iconic building commands the skyline. You can have an outstanding view of the city from the top observatory deck of this giant building. You will assume as you see any other planet from this falcon eye view. It is quite challenging to photograph Burj Khalifa because of its height. Also, witness the fountain show in front of the Burj in the lake.  

Take a Desert Safari:

There are many desert safaris whose price range from moderate to expensive. Such trips usually consist of dune bashing in a Land cruiser, camel ride, holding a falcon, henna tattoos, BBQ dinner, entertainment services during the lunch and the photographic session. The fire show and belly dance during the mouthwatering meal will give you a pleasant experience. 

The adventurous air-conditioned four-wheeler ride is full of thrill. Desert Safari is among the top thing that tourist love to do in this city. It is a fun way to experience some traditional culture of Dubai. 

Shopping in Dubai Mall:

Shopping in the most attractive mall of the world is mesmerizing. It includes almost 1200 shops. World’s largest sweet shop ‘Candylicious’ is in this mall. Shopaholics rejoice at the Dubai Mall. It is also known for the Dubai shopping festival. You will have an enjoyable shopping experience here. This mall unveiled the most massive OLED screen of the world in 2017. 


Photograph Locals without Permission:

It is considered rude to take a snap of locals without asking them first. People don’t like to have camera thrust in their face. If you intend to photograph someone, then do it from some distance, so it looks as you are taking a picture of a building, view or any other thing. If you still desire to take someone’s picture then take their permission first. Well, there is no guarantee that there will be a positive response. 

Take Pictures of Government Building:

Normal tourist photography is allowed but don’t take pictures of important, official and military buildings. This could come under violation, and you might also get in trouble with the law in this regard. 

Be Drunk in Public:

Some countries have no issue if you are drunk, but UAE is not among these countries.  UAE has some strict policies towards drinking and driving. You are not allowed to drink while walking or in a public place. Some four and five-star hotels offer alcohol. You can go there but make sure your behavior remains good. Also never drive drunk in UAE otherwise you will be thrown in jail. 

Worry About Your Safety:

Dubai isn’t a place you need to avoid. It is a safe and liberal place. Here you should follow the laws. You don’t need to think about your security in this incredibly safe city.  

Lose your Temper:

Cussing is considered to be an offense in this city. You can be into serious trouble by swearing or making a rude gesture in public. So don’t lose your temper on the person who knocked you up and stay calm. 

Final Words:

Dubai is an attractive city and tourists from all over the world love visiting this city of dreams. Although it is a modern tourist-friendly city, there are some etiquette rules to follow. 

Abu Dhabi city tour is also a unique experience. It has sunny blue skies throughout the year. It has exciting attractions. It is highly recommended to visit this city. 

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