Creative wedding tips for the modern couple

Creative wedding tips for the modern couple

Today’s weddings are anything but traditional. They’re modern, creative, and downright outrageous in some ways. They allow you and your partner to show off your personalities, include your family and friends in the celebration, and create memories that last you a lifetime. Anything goes when it comes to planning your wedding because, ultimately, the only people you have to please are you and your partner.

A little creativity goes a long way in planning a wedding. The following tips are ones you can implement with great ease. Try a few on for size and see how well they work for you. You can add ideas to the list as they come to you.

Hold Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception in the Same Place.

It saves you money and keeps your guests from needing to arrange transportation between locations. It’s a thoughtful way to use all of your decorations and flowers. You won’t need to meet at a separate location for your wedding photos, either. You can do everything that you need to do from getting married to eating to toasting to dancing in one special place.

Have a Photoshoot for Your Invitations that Allows You to Have Fun and Express Yourself.

You’re going to send out invitations to everyone you want to share your special day with, right? Why not show off your authentic self through a creative photoshoot? You won’t have the boring poses seen on traditional wedding invitations. Instead, you can be as creative as you possibly can be with the composition, colors, textures, patterns, landscape, and props that you use.

Hire a Food Truck to Serve your Guests a Meal.

It’s a great way to support a local businessperson. It allows you to choose the type of cuisine that you like the best, too. Everyone can walk up to the counter, place the order for the food they want to eat, and enjoy a truly unique experience like they’ve never had at a wedding before. You can even rent picnic tables and let everyone sit outdoors to eat if the weather is good.

Serve Pie or Doughnuts Instead of Cake.

Cake can be expensive. It’s also not something that everyone enjoys. If you prefer pie or doughnuts, serve them instead. You can offer a wide variety of flavors, so everyone has access to something they love.

Rethink Your Wedding Attire.

Wear something that makes you feel good. It doesn’t need to be a traditional wedding dress or tuxedo. You can create your wedding tradition by creating your clothing by hand. Or, you can wear something that expresses your culture, profession, or even skill such as an artist or musician.

Honor Your Guests and the Role They Play in Your Life.

A big part of your celebration is the people you share the experience with on your wedding day. Find inventive ways to celebrate them and the way they’ve been a part of your life. Have the photographer take lots of pictures of you with the people you love. You’ll cherish having them and arranging them in photo books and frames throughout your home.

Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out with Creative Photos

Wedding invitations with photos don’t need to be traditional. You can personalize them in many ways. You can allow your personality to shine through via the clothing, accessories, hairstyles, location, and props that you use in your photos. If a “picture says a thousand words,” than yours can say ten thousand with creative staging.

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