Create long lasting memories when you go on a road trip around the islands!

Create long lasting memories when you go on a road trip around the islands!

Mother Nature is enchanting! It has gifted us with numerous beauties. From crashing waves on endless seas, to mysterious depths of the blue oceans, from mountains standing tall to breathtakingly beautiful islands, it has touched every corner. How ever we try to take it all in, how ever far and wide we may travel; a new destination will always leave us in awe.  We will never finish admiring the beauty of the Earth.

When it comes to exploring the stunning places on the Earth, you just need to have a keen eye on where to find those exotic places, with spectacular views, that will take your breath away. Don’t we all feel like indulging in a long holiday and exploring all of Earth’s nooks and crannies? Islands seem to be one such part of our world that’s romantically extravagant and easy to grasp. Most of us would definitely grab the first chance to explore these islands, by immediately opting for a car hire in Auckland NZ from UGO Rentals that provide some exclusive cars, full of amenities and in the best condition to help perfectly explore these islands.

  •   How to create beautiful memories on an island road trip?

We all want our trips to these islands to be well spent and fully enjoyed. The motive behind all the vacations and holidays to these enchanting locations, is to create some amazing moments to remember for years to come, isn’t it? So, when visiting these gorgeous locations, why not try to be a little bit more creative on how to travel?

o   Prefer rented transportation — When visiting some beautiful places, we don’t want to waste our time plainly driving about! The first thing to do when going on an exhilarating tour to a breath-taking Island, is to rent a campervan! When you rent a campervan in New Zealand from UGO Rentals, it comes handy with multiple accessories, and enables you to camp amidst the vast expanse of nature without being cooped up within the four walls of a hotel. When the burden of driving gets too much, you can pull up wherever you like and have a rest.

o   Carry the best camera — A camera is definitely a must! Imagine visiting an exotic place and gazing at the scenery, and taking absolutely no pictures to bring back home! Imagine no images to share amongst friends on Instagram! Just the very thought is enough to create a panic attack in you! So, better avoid this situation at any cost and carry the best camera you own or can buy.

o   Props can be wonderful — If you know you are going to visit a fabulous place and take some great pictures there, prepare some beautiful props before-hand. The world is crazy nowadays for the most creative Instagram-worthy pictures, and so are we! Don’t you think a cute heart prop would look really sweet next to a couple amongst the grass? Or a dialogue-based prop could do wonders and add meaning to any beautiful picture? You can look up multiple ideas on the internet and prepare creative props to be taken along, to make your island journey more romantic – and to rave on social media for months!

o   Hire a local guide — A guide can take you to various locally recommended places that you otherwise won’t be able to find on maps or on the internet. Some locals know the best places and even the stories behind these places make them extra special. They can add the extra spark to your visit. They can also show you some exciting destinations that may surprise you.

Islands are cheerfully prepossessing. They have an alluring aura to them which can be felt only when you visit them and explore them personally. You just can’t describe the scenery of it to anybody, no matter how impressive you are with your words. It remains in your memory forever and you alone can cherish its beauty for the rest of your life. Hence, when you are creating these memories on those exquisite islands, make a point to check the above points and make the most of it!

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