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Cool Camping In The Chilean Remote

Camper-van travel has transcended its humble roots to become not only popular, but cool. A BBC article covering the increasing numbers of people moving out of homes and into camper vans noted this, with a 57% rise in the amount of British people looking to enjoy life out on the road. While you might be looking for a simple vacation rather than a wholesale change of living affairs, doing that with a camper can be an incredible way to make the most of your experience. Few places give an experience as interesting and picturesque as Chile does.

Remote landscapes

A big part of this is the fact that Chile has so many remote landscapes. As outlined by The Guardian, Chile is made up of long tracts of lands that really do get away from the hubbub of modern life – the Elqui Valley, Cajón del Maipo and Lago Budi among them. Taking your life on to the road enables you to start and end your day in these incredible places, rather than needing to head in and out of cities – however exciting they may be – and go through the process of day trips.
It’s important to have the right equipment, of course, and that includes the vehicle itself. Rental experts at Camper Champ recommend balancing the cost against your needs. If you’re heading right into the desert or an equally remote place, you’ll want to make sure your camper van has everything you need, including emergency supplies. With that in hand you can choose where to go to find the best culture for your interests.

Ancient culture

According to The Telegraph, that culture can be found in the northern deserts. Here you can find the remains of the Chinchorro people, who were creating the oldest mummies on Earth with some dating back to 5,000BC. You can go and see these in the city of Arica, but for the outdoors, there’s lots of opportunities to enjoy it in the wild. Much of this area is covered in beautiful desert – this means you can have supplies in touching distance, but then find yourself in the remote areas of the country within hours.

Urban society made new

Elsewhere, for a more modern look on things, you can enjoy learning about the famed Mapuche in the southern region of Araucanía. Popular for its volcanoes and lush, ash-fertilized riverbed landscapes, it has a different type of remote beauty to it than the desert but still provides food for thought. Along with the incredible culture that can be learned about in this area, it really does give the ideal place to stop the camper van and enjoy life from your vehicle.

This combination of culture to keep the mind engaged and breathtaking scenery makes Chile the best place for a camper van tour. Make sure you have the right equipment for the trip, as conditions can be difficult when travelling cross country. However, once you’re settled, you’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

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