Common Ways of Extracting CBD You May Want to Know

Common Ways of Extracting CBD You May Want to Know

There’s no doubt that CBD’s use is gaining traction worldwide because of its medicinal properties. This product has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticonvulsant benefits, among others. Using this product may not only give you impressive results, but it’s also non-intoxicating.

Many companies have thrown themselves into the production of cannabinoid products. Today, CBD products such as legal lean syrup and other supplements are available for purchase and fit for everyday use.

If you’ve been asking the question, what is CBC oil? You’ll get your answer from researching more about these products. The booming CBD industry has innovated numerous ways of extracting CBD to enable you to get the right quantities in your choice of products.

Here are some extraction methods that they use:

1. Liquid Extraction

In this method, a liquid solvent such as ethanol extracts cannabinoids and other vital molecules from hemp flowers and cannabis. This is one of the oldest extraction techniques. Cannabis and hemp flowers are dissolved in ethanol or alcohol to extract the useful cannabinoids. The recommended alcohol types you can use for extraction include isopropyl alcohol, grain alcohol, and naphtha. It’s vital to use high proof alcohol to minimize damage to the cannabinoids.

The process of alcohol extraction needs more work and may involve a lot of refinement and filtration methods. If done correctly, you don’t require winterization (the process of removing unwanted elements extracted from the plant). If you’re just starting an extraction industry, you can use this method because it’s ideal for small scale businesses, and the process makes it easy to scale.

The other benefit of using this method is that it’s cheap and needs no special equipment. You can find everything you need for the extraction in your kitchen cupboard. Extraction can be carried out using a hot plate, rice cooker, glass containers, and cutlery pieces. However, if you want more complicated procedures, it’d help if you used distillers.

2. Oil Extraction

This technique involves extracting terpenes and CBD with plant oils as solvents. Products like coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil are efficient extractors because they’re lipophilic (absorbed easily by fat).

If it’s your first time extracting CBD, you can use this method because it’s natural and requires a gentle approach. You don’t have to fear interacting with harmful residues because these oils are healthy and add nutrients like fatty acids into the mix.

Though oil extractions are safe, it takes longer to complete the process. The end product isn’t so concentrated as that which you’d received if you used alcohol solvents. Besides that, using this method may make the product to degrade faster if not stored correctly. It’s advisable to keep them in glass jars to extend their shelf-life.

The Bottom-line

Many industries have come up with innovative ways of extracting CBD from cannabis and hemp flowers. The benefit of these methods is that you can use them at home for extraction. These extraction methods have also made it easy to put the right doses of CBD in consumed products. It also allows you to isolate the harmful chemicals and remain with beneficial ones to improve your health. Why not try one of these methods?

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