You are currently viewing Colosseum Rome tours that you will never forget!

Colosseum Rome tours that you will never forget!

Visiting Italy once again I decided to find the best Colosseum tour, since I have been dreaming of seeing this place for a long time. I wanted to feel the atmosphere of old days, tough people and heroism. Looking back, I must admit that I made the right choice of my trip destination. One of the main historical Rome attractions amazes with its greatness. Everyone would be deeply impressed imagining gladiatorial battles that took place in the arena.

Top Colosseum tours

It took me a while to find a specific tour around Rome, that would include a visit to the Colosseum. It sounded tempting to just walk around the city at night, and get lost in its romantic atmosphere. I wanted not only to admire the magnificent views, but also to learn the unique history of the city. That’s why I decided to choose a day tour here, which was designed for a small group of tourists. I made the right choice, since I saw everything and even more.

More about the Colosseum

The Colosseum was built under the Roman emperor Vespasian. He wanted to create a grand amphitheater that would surpass all the existing similar architectural structures, and would become immortal in the history of humankind. The construction place of the Coliseum was by an artificial lake, created during the government of Nero and it used to be the part of its palace complex. The eccentric emperor left the bad memory as a ruler who indulged in excesses. Therefore, the construction of the Coliseum was also a political gesture of returning the lands of Nero to the people.

The construction of the Coliseum was happening under the three imperial dynasties of Flavius. At first, it was even called the Flavian Amphitheater. The name “Colosseum” was given to the amphitheater in honor of the God of Sun. The huge bronze statue was standing in the palace of Nero and resembled his face. Later the descendants removed the resemblance with the emperor from the statue.

The Coliseum was built mainly from bricks, marble and tuff. In the center of the amphitheater was an oval-shaped arena, surrounded by stepped rows of stands. You could see the performances really well from there, and the audience was staying safe meanwhile. Spectators on the stands were arranged according to their social classes: the higher are the seats– the lower is the class of the sitting there people.

The amphitheater has an elliptical shape. It amazes with its size (the length is 524 meters), and the perfection of the engineering solution. The facility accommodated more than 50,000 spectators. It was also equipped with a number of auxiliary rooms for keeping the decorations, animals cages. The gladiators were waiting there for the battles. They were located under the arena, and since most of it was destroyed, today they are open for public. By the way, the system of entrances and exits of the amphitheater was designed so thoughtfully, that it could be filled with tens of thousands of spectators in just 15 minutes, and the same amount of time was needed to leave it.

 Despite the earthquake, desolation, and those, who were stealing marble for profit, we still can enjoy Colosseum after 2,000 years — this is a truly unique creation of engineers and builders.

The Colosseum became the main arena for the entertainment events in Rome, which were quite violent back at the times. It became the stage for gladiators fights, public executions, the persecution of wild animals, and the so-called “reconstructions” of sea battles, where the victims were real.

The opening of the Colosseum alone, involved 5,000 wild animals and 2,000 gladiators. Their first battle lasted for a hundred days.

Colosseum Rome tours provide different approaches for exploring this majestic amphitheater built thousands years ago. Whichever tour you choose, the Colosseum will certainly amaze you with its grandeur and the huge number of secrets that the amphitheater has kept for many centuries.

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