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Casino Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts in Las Vegas

Casinos are like any other public place – there are unwritten rules that govern behaviour within them. These unwritten rules (also known as etiquette) allow us to function in these environments without causing unintended offence.

Sadly, many casino patrons fail to grasp this concept. They are on holiday, and because of this, the polite rules that bind society go straight out the window. But by keeping casino etiquette in mind, you can curry favour from patrons and casino employees alike.

Below, we’ll talk about common faux pas that travellers commit whilst in Las Vegas, and how to avoid violating them yourself. 

DO: Know the Basic Rules Beforehand

Roughly 42 million people visit Las Vegas each year – many of them newcomers. Spare a thought for the dealers of Las Vegas, as these poor souls have to constantly explain game rules to novices, day after day.

Now, these professionals have the patience of a saint. But explaining poker hand rankings dozens of times per day can take its toll. Don’t add to their mental fatigue – jump on gaming sites like slotxo before arriving in Vegas.  By doing this, you’ll learn game mechanics that’ll make life easier for your dealer.

DO: Tip Your Dealer Generously

Dealing is a mentally and emotionally exhausting profession. And it doesn’t pay well either – most casinos barely offer more than minimum wage. Because of this, dealers rely heavily on tips to make a living.

So, on occasion, slide some chips to your dealer. Tipping $1-$2 per sizable win, and $5-$10 when leaving the table is a standard that Vegas locals follow. Adopt it, and you’ll get better treatment from dealers. 

DON’T: Violate the Dress Code

During the day, many casinos are open-minded when it comes to dress. But at night, this policy can shift dramatically. So, to be safe, check your casino’s website before leaving your room. By doing this, you’ll save yourself an embarrassing and time-wasting trip back to your hotel.  

DON’T: Take Pictures

Casinos make tonnes of money each year. But it’s not easy – many games have a razor-thin house advantage. Because of this, casinos are locked in a constant battle with card counters and edge sorters. If allowed to operate unchecked, these professionals can tilt a game’s odds in their favour.
 So, whenever casino security spots ANYONE taking photos, they shut it down immediately. You may have innocent intentions – after all, selfie-taking is ubiquitous these days. But hauling out your camera is the quickest way to attract unwanted attention. Save the pictures for when you’re by the pool.

DON’T: Go Overboard on the Cheap/Free Drinks

It’s the worst-kept secret in Vegas: Sit at the slots (or a table game), and before long, you’ll have wait staff offering you free drinks. If you’re on a budget, it’s a great way to save money on alcohol (especially if you plan on visiting a pricey nightclub later).

But don’t overdo it. Like any other respectable establishment, casinos frown on excessively drunk customers. At best, you’ll annoy fellow patrons and slow down gameplay. At worst, you’ll get kicked out by casino security.
 You may be on holiday, but you’re still an adult – act like one.

TL;DR: Be a Decent Human Being

This post only covers a few scenarios that you may encounter whilst in Vegas. So, when in doubt, ask yourself: What would a decent human being do? Let the answer be your guide, and it’s unlikely you’ll unintentionally offend somebody. 

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