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Carry On Luggage Tips For First Time International Travellers

Traveling internationally using only your carry-on luggage can provide several benefits. Bringing carry-on luggage can save you time and energy as you won’t have to wait at the baggage carousel the moment your flight lands. Carry-on luggage can also reduce stress as you can walk around in another country with ease and not worry about keeping track of several bags.

Disregarding the need to check in bulkier bags and using carry-on luggage can make any trip more fun and exciting. However, not everyone can appreciate the wonders of carry-on luggage. For most travelers, bringing items for every possible situation is a better option than only bringing their must-haves. This notion is especially true for first-time international travelers.

For you to maximize carry-on luggage and avoid paying airline fees for checking in your luggage, take note of the following tips:

1. Think Twice About Using Wheels

Although common, carry-on luggage doesn’t always have to come with wheels. There are actually bigger backpacks that have the same space as roller bags. For first-time international travelers, deciding between a duffel or roller bag should be on top of your to-do list. Choosing the right kind will allow you to enjoy the benefits of carry-on luggage.

Come up with a sound decision by identifying the pros and cons of each carry-on luggage. A roller bag can provide convenience as it is very easy to get around and doesn’t cause any back and shoulder pains. 

However, these types of carry-on luggage are usually inspected by airline companies, and if the luggage reached the maximum weight limit, you wouldn’t have any choice but to have excess baggage at the airport.

Bringing duffle bags, on the other hand, allows you to easily pass through the gates as airline companies don’t always weigh this kind of bag. Duffle bags don’t have a concrete shape and can be placed into the overhead bin with ease.

But duffle bags also come with one major setback – because you’ll have to carry this bag all the time, you might suffer from severe back and shoulder pains when traveling.

2. Think About Versatility

After choosing the right carry-on luggage, it’s now time to pack your valuables. The items that you’ll decide to bring in your international trip can make a lot of difference.

When packing, avoid bringing clothes that wrinkle easily. Silk and linen, for example, are very lightweight fabrics, but stuffing them into your carry-on luggage can cause a lot of wrinkles. Instead, go for clothes made from cotton and jersey.

Since your carry-on luggage has limited space, it’s best if you only pack clothing items that are versatile and can look good when used in layers or paired with other items. These clothes can keep your look fresh without bringing your entire wardrobe to your trip.

3. Always Roll Your Clothes

One of the biggest mistakes first-time travelers make is to fold their clothes when packing. Sure, this might make the clothes look great and your carry-on luggage more organized, but folding clothes can actually take up a lot of space.

Avoid making the same mistakes by rolling your clothes instead. This packing technique allows you to save more room for more items. Since rolled clothes are smaller, you can also stuff these inside your shoes and on the side compartments of your luggage.

4. Use Smaller Bags

If you want to pack efficiently without wasting a lot of time, invest in several bags. Using smaller bags inside your carry-on luggage can help organize all of your valuables and ensure that none is damaged when you’re travelling.

You can start by putting smaller items into small cases or sealable plastic bags. Pieces of jewelry, for example, are small and can be very hard to find if you only place them with your clothes. Using smaller bags as a jewelry organizer can lessen stress as you won’t have to take out several items from your carry-on luggage just to find your favorite pair of earrings.

If you’re bringing shoes, make sure that you place them inside handbag dusters first. This will protect your shoes from dents and scratches while making sure that all of your other valuables remain clean. You don’t want the sole of your shoe to come in contact with your newly-washed shirt, right?

5. Travel Liquid-Free

First-time international travelers will likely bring liquids in their bags. Usually, your toiletries and personal hygiene kit will always include liquids such as your favorite shampoos, perfumes, and body scrubs.

For you to pass through the lines and security checks at the airports, do not pack any liquid inside your carry-on luggage. Bringing bottles of liquids will only take up space in your carry-on luggage and might even become the reason for your delay at the airport.

A better solution is to leave all of your liquids at home and stop at any convenience store the moment you arrive at your destination. You can buy travel-friendly sizes of shampoos, deodorants, and sunscreen from these stores.

Implementing this strategy for your next international travel can help you reduce stress because you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting drenched from any liquid inside your carry-on luggage.

6. Make Room For Souvenirs

Since you’ll be traveling internationally for the first time, you’ll likely pick souvenirs that can help you remember your first international trip. These items serve as your remembrance and evidence that you visited another country.

Don’t forget to make room for souvenirs inside your carry-on luggage by throwing non-essential items for your trip back home. If you purchased your toiletries and other liquids from your destination, toss out any half-empty bottles of shampoos and perfumes. You can also contribute books that you’ve finished reading to your hotel room.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are no concrete rules when it comes to using your carry-on luggage for international trips. If you’re used to bringing several bags whenever you travel, swap these bags with carry-on luggage and pay attention to how and what you’ll pack. Remember the things you think you did 

wrong when packing and then improve for your next trip.

By using carry-on luggage for all of your upcoming international trips, you can soon master the art of packing light but still have loads of fun!

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