Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Making decisions for a vacation is probably one of the toughest things that people have to do as soon as they finally get that month off that they had been longing for all year. A person can spend all year preparing for a holiday, but, when the time finally comes, many are never ready – especially for those who want everything to be perfect. 

Thanks to the idea of boutique hotels however, people get to worry less about where they are going to stay during their vacation as this unique brand of hotels is meant to ensure that everyone gets to have a home away from home. 

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Gone are the days when people had to deal with the standardized chain hotels that offered little to no assistance once you were booked in. 

A boutique hotel is meant to provide you with the kind of luxury service that you will probably only find at a spur treatment. Right from its location down to its personalized care system, the concept of the boutique hotel was meant to ensure that customers get to have a tale to tell when they get back home from their vacation. 

No two people can ever share the same personality as everyone has that one unique thing that defines them. This same concept applies to boutique hotels as their owners ensure they are designed to ensure that everyone has something to enjoy. Some of the qualities that make boutique hotels unique include the following:

Personalized treatment

Once you check in at a boutique hotel, you automatically turn into a family member as its staff is always available and willing to assist you with everything that you need. At a boutique hotel, you are not just a number as it common for the staff to know their clients by name to make them more comfortable. At the Condor Hotel , for instance, you can expect to be provided with a personal butler who will be your new best friend and will even look after your kids if need arises. 

Character and Detail

Every inch of a boutique hotel is given a personalized touch that gives the customer a homely feeling even when they are away from home. This can include anything from flowers in the bathroom to books on shelves in the rooms in case someone loves reading. 

Value factor

Boutique hotels are meant to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their money’s worth. At the Condor Hotel, you can expect to find amenities such as free luggage storage, free continental breakfast, free high speed internet and discounted secured parking all under one roof. 

Booking your vacation at the condor hotel will provide you with the following discounts:

If you book 45 days in advance for at least 5 days, you get to enjoy a 20% discount on your purchase. 

If you book a room for 3 nights or more, you get to enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase. 

You can visit to get your booking started on the best vacation experience that you can get if you are ever in Brooklyn. 

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