Biking Guide for Beginners

Biking Guide for Beginners

Biking is a great way to get outdoors, whether you are going on a road trip or having an adventure in the mountains. For some, biking is a good cardio exercise since it can burn a lot of calories in our body. While for those who are eco-friendly, choose to ride a bike as a daily routine, especially as means of transportation.  

At one look, most people think that biking or cycling looks simple. We all know that riding a bike is as easy as balancing the bicycle and pedaling, but that’s not all true. Especially if you are planning to be a cyclist, there are still so many things you need to know. 

No worries, there may be a lot of rules on biking, but as a beginner, there are a few things that you need to know first before understanding other complex rules and techniques about biking. Here is a helpful guide for you.

Choose your bike

You need a set of wheels for you to get started with biking. There are many types of bikes to choose from, depending on their use.  For example, there is a difference between a road bike versus a mountain, and comparing the two options can help determine which one is better for you — researching bikes before setting out. Make sure to buy the best quality bike and the one that has the best fit. Also, buy them from a local bike shop with a good reputation. 


Now that you have chosen your bike, you need to get your essential riding gears. 

Helmet – is an important gear and should be worn all the time during biking. Make sure that it is a new one and follows the safety standards. Choose one that will best fit both your head and budget

Cycling kit – mostly, this is a set of Spandex, but some find it weird wearing one. As long as it makes you comfortable, it’s fine. A jersey and matching bike shorts will do. The shoes that you should use are those that can secure your feet in place and, at the same time, improve your pedaling efficiency. 

Other important tools are tools in case some problems occur with the bike and a handy water bottle to help quench your thirst from the long biking hours.

Reason for Riding

As they say, biking is becoming popular. Before you start pedaling your bike, make sure what your riding purpose is, whether it is riding solo or riding with a group of cyclers. Once you know the real reason, you will easily get used to it and learn your cycling style and techniques.


When biking, even if it’s simply just means of transportation, we should still have a good habit along with it. Eat the right kind of food and do warm-up exercises to prepare yourself to go biking. Especially for those who will have a long ride, having good stamina is required.


Safety is not just about wearing the right gear during biking. Part of it is checking your bicycle regularly and making sure to do proper maintenance. Staying safe also includes the following local traffic rules and knowing all signs and signals. Always have a presence of mind whenever on the road. Even if you are on the bike lane, make it a habit to check if there is a car behind you, sometimes you can never know. We all know listening to music can make us focused, and it’s the same when bicycling that when we listen to the jive of the music, it keeps us going. It keeps us motivated, but it’s advisable not to use headphones while biking. It’s best to have Bluetooth speakers that you can attach on your bike handle or place inside your pocket.

These are only some tips that can get you started when planning to ride a bike. I hope this can make you set and start your biking adventure.

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