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Best Places to Travel Alone in Asia

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The best places to travel alone in Asia are sometimes those no one has heard about. They may  not even be on any maps! Asia is especially ideal for solo female travelers. It offers diversity and can be safer than many other destinations when following reasonable precautions. Most Asian countries have significantly less terrorism. The greatest hazard in Asia is likely dodging the traffic.

However, if you travel alone in Asia, you will likely have to leave your pet at home spending upon each country’s regulations

Asia’s best solo vacation destinations:

best places to travel in asia

When looking for the best destinations traveling alone in Asia, specifically if itis your first time, keep the following four factors in mind:

Find a place that is well-equipped for tourists. Choose a place where the local residents understand English, have lodging options for tourists, and where everything is well marked. It makes visiting much more relaxing/

Look for available public transportation. Nothing is worse than finding out the items on your bucket list are out of reach. You want to be able to move from point A to point B effortlessly. So, choose a location with good public infrastructure to avoid being told you can’t get there from here.

Choose a venue where local residents welcome tourists. Select a spot for your singles vacation known for their hospitality. It is generally very easy to communicate and get information in large Asian cities where English is widely spoken. Beyond checking your GPS, local residents can likely help you locate major sights as well as those off the beaten path.

Overall security. Asia is an excellent destination for lone travelers. It was my first solo trip, and I highly suggest it. Petty crimes such as pick pockets and pocketbook snatching, while not non-existent, are rarely violent. More severe crimes are uncommon. As I previously stated, your primary issue is traffic. Take extra precautions if you ride a motorcycle or scooter or cross the street. It might be a hair-raising experience in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City!

  1. Singapore:

Singapore has been often considered still the number one destination for solo travel vacations. It has a well-deserved reputation as the cleanest, tidiest and most organized country in Asia, so you know you are in good hands. Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian, and Western cultures that coexist peacefully. It is without a doubt one of the safest countries for both male and female solo travelers.

In facty, if this is your first time traveling alone, Singapore is a terrific place to start.

  1. Bali (Indonesia):

Traveling alone in Southeast Asia is an experience, and no country has more excitement than Indonesia! Bali is currently one of the most popular tourist locations for honeymoons, family trips, and those of us single travelers!

In Bali, you will come across other travelers, including many backpackers, making it easy to meet up with new friends and travel mates. Best of all, the people of Bali are among the warmest, most welcoming.

  1. Boracay (Philippines):

The Philippines is another excellent spot to go alone with its warm and friendly population and beautiful natural scenery. There are dozens of islands to select from, each with its distinct offering of beaches, mountains, lagoons, and more.

While Borocay is not as well known to foreign tourists as much of the Pacific, it is a beach island paradise where you can easily leave behind your hectic life and worries at home making it perfect for a solo adventure.

  1. Dalat (Vietnam):

I adore all of Vietnam. Dalat, in particular, is a beautiful area within safe solo travel places. While it is less well-known than Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, it is ideal for a stay off the beaten path. Encircled by rice fields and farmlands, it provides a calm haven that is relaxed than its busier relatives.

  1. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong warrants a spot on my list of the safest countries to travel alone, particularly among single female travelers, relative to its size and how congested it can be. Hong Kong residents are accustomed to tourists, the equipment is excellent and user-friendly, and English is widely spoken. Don’t pass up a visit to Hong Kong — it’s ideal as a stopover and great for shopping (although pricey)!

  1. Japan:

No list of top Asian tourist destinations would be complete without Japan. Although it is more expensive than most of Asia, it offers both breathtaking natural landscapes as well as ancient temples and historical sites as well as 21st innovative technology.  Its high-speed bullet trains make travel easy. It is said to be so immaculately clean throughout that the koi fish even swim in the storm drains.

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