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Best Coastal Staycations Spots in the UK

With the rules for foreign travel changing nearly every day, it makes sense so many people are opting for a staycation. Many would agree with the comments made by holiday experts Park Holidays, who noted “we all have a newfound appreciation for the great British coast and countryside”. The UK is packed full of places you can visit – just make sure you follow the guidelines in place. 

Staying Safe 

Before you book anywhere in the UK, you need to plan accordingly. This can be difficult with local lockdowns changing fairly frequently. Your best bet is escaping to the country or coast, rather than taking a city break. The further away from people you are, the safer you’ll feel. A great option for you can be a caravan holiday. You can relax and be self-contained in your own little world. When you’re travelling to your destination, be sure to bring a mask, hand sanitizer, and follow social distancing rules. 


Let’s explore which places you can visit for your staycation. Devon offers some of the finest beaches the UK has to offer. Putsborough Sands is slightly away from the main hotels in Devon, so its one of the more tranquil spots. There are three miles of golden sand, so you can sit by the ocean and soak in the award-winning beach. No-one would blame you if you forgot you were still in England when you’re sat in these postcard-worthy views. 


It’s not just the south of England that has the best beaches. If you want to venture further north, Filey could be the perfect spot for you. It’s less commercial compared to some of its eastern neighbours so you’ll have more of the five-mile beach to enjoy all to yourself. If you’ve got little ones with, you they can enjoy exploring the rock pools while you take in the sights of the rugged coastline. Keep your eye out for any local wildlife, too.


In Gaelic ‘Oban’ can be translated to little bay, but rest assured you won’t run out of things to do there. Oban is surrounded by spectacular Scottish countryside, and next to some of the most dramatic western shores. If you visit for a weekend, you could make the most of your time here by exploring the surrounding islands: Mull, Iona, and Staffa. You’ll be amazed by how much one place can pack in so many sights and history. 

No matter what part of the UK you’re in, you’re never too far away from a coastal treasure. What’s your favourite beach to visit? 

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