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Benefits of doing a year abroad while you study

Perhaps you are considering taking a year out to study. Some universities even offer the opportunity to study abroad for a year. On one hand, this means missing out on living with all your new friends. You will likely have times where you feel homesick and are struggling to be far away from everyone you know. However, there are lots of benefits to a year abroad – your family and friends and your city will all be there when you get back. 

If you do decide to do a year abroad then beware, you still need to work as hard as you did before and you cannot reuse work. There are methods in place to stop this from happening and there are serious consequences of self-plagiarism

See the world 

Probably the biggest motivation for wanting to study abroad is to see the world. You get to experience a new country and city with new landscapes and things to do. You will also get to learn about a new history and culture. 

Studying abroad will allow you to live in another country. This gives you the best insight into how people live. Understanding how other people live abroad will give you insight into what behaviors you have that are formed by your own culture. You will also be faced with new challenges, whilst learning how to problem-solve and grow in confidence. You will learn a lot about yourself living abroad, as it encourages you to develop as a person. 

Learn a new language

There is no better way to learn a language than to be immersed in it. Living somewhere where the language is different from your own will leave you with no choice but to learn it. When you are surrounded by it you will pick up on the right accent, how to order the language and slang. 


You will also get to experience a different style of education. It is always beneficial to be taught by different people with different styles. You will also get to experience a different university. Choosing the right university is very important, your home university should be able to help you with this. 

Make friends

You will meet lifelong friends from different parts of the world. After a year with the same people, you are sure to make great friendships. Having friends from different parts of the world teaches us a lot about ourselves. It also gives you the opportunity to travel in the future as you may be able to go and stay with them wherever they are.

New opportunities

You will have the opportunity to learn about new things and find new interests. You may pick up a new hobby and discover new passions. 

When you do return home, a year abroad is a great thing to put on your CV. It gives you life experience, which is invaluable to any employer. It may also give you an advantage when applying for further education, especially if you study languages or a subject such as international relations.  

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