Bad habits you should try to avoid when on holiday

Bad habits you should try to avoid when on holiday

Holidays are a time for relaxation for mind, body and soul. They are a chance to reconnect with loved ones, explore places we have dreamed of visiting and sometimes, doing as little as is humanly possible. What goes hand in hand with enjoyment can sometimes be our downfall on holiday though so while having a good time is important, try to cut down on these bad habits so you don’t spoil your time away:


Not having to deal with the usual stresses and strains of daily life can encourage our brains to fully disengage. We might find ourselves taking more risks or paying less attention to our environment than normal, and that could result in some injury. Forgetting to put sun cream on can damage our skin and in people of all ages, can be very painful. Some foreign countries are slightly more lax in terms of health and safety too so might not take as much care with regards allergens in food. With the right planning, you can ensure you arewell-equipped to with dangerous oversights such as this – order what you need before you go from an online pharmacy and any crises can be averted. 


It may seem odd to suggest giving up smoking the one time of the year when you might enjoy it the most, but increasingly hotels are less accommodating of smoking. There will usually be areas to suit the needs of this habit, but if you’re travelling with non-smokers, you might not want to be separated too much. You could get some treatment which might delay the cravings from time to time, giving you a break you need to enjoy yourself without having to give in to your addiction as frequently.

Spending too much time on your phone

This is a bad habit at home and away so should be looked at wherever we are in the world. With the accessibility and sheer genius of this technology, it’s very easy to feel lost without a smartphone, so it can be hard to leave behind. While we aren’t suggesting you don’t take your phone, do you need to be glued to it at all times when on holiday? Are you missing out on quality time with friends and family, are you missing interacting with the locals or taking part in activities you would not otherwise do? It’s very easy to become lost in our phones and then feel sad and guilty that we don’t make the most of our time afterwards. Don’t make that mistake next time you go away! Get involved in your holiday and leave everything else where it belongs. 

Holidays are a time to enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries. However, you choose to do it. Cutting back on just a few of your bad habits (not even giving them up in full!) is a great way to get more out of your precious time away so don’t waste your hours on things that don’t fulfil you, make the most of your break while it lasts. 

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