Aviators, Denim and Sandals – The essentials every man needs whilst travelling

Aviators, Denim and Sandals – The essentials every man needs whilst travelling

Whether you are going for a short holiday or a long trip, it is important to feel your best whilst away from home. This will ensure that you have the confidence to meet people and walk into any scenario. However, you also want to take up as little room as possible. This could be because you are squeezing everything into a carry-on bag or because you want to keep the weight and size of your rucksack down. There is nothing worse than carrying around an oversized rucksack and not using half of the items in it! 

That’s why we have put together some travel essentials that are versatile and will keep you feeling smart. Before we head into the main list, our top pick and an essential for any traveller is a pair of sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun but can also hide any hungover or tired eyes. Head over to this website for a great range of aviator sunglasses, which we think suit just about everybody and are very stylish. It used to be that women were given a huge variety to choose from, while men were left with just a few styles. Well, that has all changed, now you have a wide variety to choose from. Choose wisely, as they will be an important travel companion. 

Denim Shorts

You may be thinking of sticking to comfy shorts which can double up as swimming shorts. But we think it’s important that you pack just one pair of denim shorts as they are the backbone of your wardrobe. This can be a good item to wear in the evenings or if you are going somewhere where you are going to take lots of pictures! It’s not a good feeling, having nothing nice to wear. 

However, if you are going on a long trip, you may want to avoid bringing your favourite pair. You will likely end up buying new clothes along the way, as old ones become worn out. 

Thin Shirts

It is not enough just to pack a few vests. A couple of thin, colourful shirts are another must-have. Great to keep you cool and keep you looking smart. They are practical and will wash and dry quickly. They are also useful to cover your shoulders, and it is wise to dress conservatively in any country holding deeply religious views. Especially if you plan on visiting any sites that hold religious significance such as temples. Covering your shoulders is also important to protect yourself from the sun. 


As a man who is fashion conscious, you may be completely repulsed by sandals. Especially the kind that go over your foot and keep your ankle in place. However, that is exactly what you need! There is nothing worse than sore feet whilst travelling. Additionally, if you only have trainers, then you can end up with wet shoes that you can’t wear. Wearing trainers all the time will also result in smelly feet, which no-one wants, especially in a shared room. A good pair of sandals which protect your foot and offer good support will be your life-line whilst travelling. And, there are plenty of styles to choose from so you can find a pair you feel good in. 

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