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An Essential Guide to Komodo Island

Komodo Island is part of the minor Sunda chain of the Indonesian isles. Komodo is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Komodo is a revered holiday destination home to over 4000 Komodo dragons as well as extensive wildlife species both on land and water.

This intriguing isle falls inside the Pacific Ring of Fire and for that reason it is of volcanic heritage. This island falls at the intersection of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, you will be in awe of the green and brown volcanic mountains located in the island. This review will get to details on everything you need to know about Komodo Island.

How to get to Komodo

Excursions around the Island are relatively easy: by regular boats, aboard the Komodo cruise and plenty more besides. To get to Komodo you have to travel to Bali first, then to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island by air or sea and then to Komodo by sea.

If you are travelling by air there are some local airlines that travel to Bali then to Flores Island. Flores Island is the best and closest point to Komodo Island. There are daily flights to Flores Island.

Budget travelers will be excited by the option to travel by sea as it is the cheaper option. There is a catch though, the ferries take 36 hours to Flores Island which is a long time and such an inconvenience considering the food and accommodation charges. Also these ferries leave Bali for Flores Island every two weeks.

The Climate

The climate in Komodo Island is most undoubtedly tropical. December to March is the rainy season and the rest of the year the area is usually dry and arid. Air temperatures vary between 24 to 35 degrees. Water temperatures on the other hand also oscillate between 27 to 30 degrees and this avails the seamless environment all year round for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Ideal time to visit Komodo Island

Being a tropical Island Komodo has two seasons the wet and dry seasons. If you intend to visit between the months of December to March; the rainy season, check on the availability of boats and ferries. Some transit companies shut down operations during this period.

April to June is when the rainy seasons ends. During this period, the island runs riot with splendid colors as a result of the plants flourishing. Individuals who enjoy scuba diving and swimming with the sharks will find this is the ideal time for them to visit. 

July to August is the high season. At this time the Island is packed with visitors and the weather is tremendously sizzling. September to November is the ideal time to travel as the peak season is over and just a few holidaymakers and some tremendous weather.

Popular areas to visit

When you visit Komodo Island there are some sights that should be in your bucket list:

The pink beach

The iconic pink beach is one of seven in the whole world, when you travel to Komodo make sure not to miss it. The red hue comes from microscopic organisms called Foraminera located in the coral. When the coral mixes with the white sand, you get a pink hue hence the name pink beach.

Komodo National Park

This is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, in order to protect its dwindling local creatures & marine life. It is a must visit site that was even featured in the new seven wonders of nature. It is a fascinating place to visit.

Where to stay

Majority of tourists who visit Komodo, set camp in Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. Housing here varies and the range is from hostels and hotels to luxury resorts.

Where to eat

Komodo Island has delightful locally made delicacies with reasonable pricing. Some of the restaurants include Bajo Taco, Café in It and Bajo Bakery and plenty more besides.


To sum it all up, excursion in Komodo is nothing short of exemplary and it’s up to you to make up a pan that works all things considered.

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