Air Canada is headquartered in Montreal and is undoubtedly Canada’s largest flag-bearing airline. It carries people to over 90 destinations and cargo to a 150. It has a range of vacation packages on offer. Its primary base is the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Hubs are also present at Toronto Pearson International Airport and Vancouver International Airport. The Calgary International Airport serves as a mini-hub. It has Air Canada Jazz as its regional partner and premium jet charter called Air Canada Jetz.

Its mandatory that all departure flights for within Canada check in an hour before take-off. For those going to the USA its an hour and half and all international flights need to be checked in two hours ahead of departure. As with most airlines, an Air Canada Flight will allow you to carry on two pieces of baggage within 22lbs. Personal items such as briefcases, laptop computers, diaper bags and the like will be allowed. There are specific dimensions to stick to. Check in baggage varies depending on the kind of class you are travelling. Economy allows you two pieces a head that can weigh a maximum of 50lbs. Executive First gives you three items weighing a maximum of 70lbs. There will of course be a charge for any excess baggage that you carry on.

You will get pre-assigned seating options online or at check in. you could even select seats at the reservations stage where it is allowed. For international flights the legroom in seats for economy is 30 and 34 inches for North American and the international routes respectively.

For all local flights children below two years of age are allowed to travel free on the lap of an adult. For children below two years of age and traveling on the parent’s lap on international flights, only 10 per cent of the ticket will have to be purchased. As such there are no discounts for senior citizens, but accompanying tickets can be bought at a cheaper rate. For those carrying musical instruments, large ones can be accommodated on a purchased seat instead of being checked in.

The inflight services such as food, entertainment and reading material will ensure that you have good enough flight and that you travel Air Canada multiple number of times.

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