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About to Go Backpacking Overseas? Read These 10 Things First

If you are making plans for an overseas backpacking adventure you will no doubt be fired up with excitement about all the interesting places you intend to visit but in order to ensure that your trip is a success without any accidents or incidents, there are a few things to know.

Some of the travel advice you will be given is simply commonsense such as thinking about your personal safety and avoiding areas where you could be vulnerable.

However, there are also plenty of other useful tips that you might not think about, such as the suggestion to take something like a Big Berkey water filter so that you can enjoy safe drinking water wherever you go.

Here are some top tips to consider.

Think about medical supplies

If there is one thing that is going to spoil your backpacking adventure it is getting sick or suffering an injury.

You can’t legislate for some things but if you remember to pack some basic medication you might need to deal with sickness and diarrhea, for instance, and a first aid kit for minor cuts and grazes, this will help you contend with minor medical issues.

Get your navigation options sorted

Most of us are heavily reliant on using maps on our smartphone and a decent WiFi connection to track progress.

The big problem with that is when you don’t have an internet connection.

A good tip would be to plan your route and download an offline copy to use if there is no WiFi available.

Be smart with your choice of attire

Sadly, there are certain areas and hotspots in plenty of countries around the world where tourists are targeted by scammers and thieves.

Try to avoid carrying your backpack around when you are strolling around sightseeing. If you can leave most of your stuff in a safe place at the hotel or hostel you are staying at it should help you blend in more and reduce your chances of being targeted as a tourist.

Do some local research beforehand

You can find plenty of local information online about an area you intend to visit and it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the amenities and sights that you might want to use and visit.

Knowing where the main shopping area is located and where the public toilets are can save you a lot of time and hassle if that information is known to you before you leave home.

Coping with dirty and wet clothes

If you are backpacking it is likely that you might spend a few days lugging around dirty and wet clothes until you get a chance to wash and freshen up.

A simple but useful tip would be to carry some spare plastic bags with you so that you can separate your items and keep your clean clothes in good condition.

Don’t get caught out by cultural differences

Every country has its own cultural nuances and customs which means it can be quite easy to offend if you don’t know the correct way to behave or respond.

It is always appreciated when you are respectful of local cultures and it shouldn’t take long to familiarize yourself with some key points for each country you intend to visit as part of your backpacking adventure.

Never be afraid to ask

Following on from the suggestion to learn about local customs it is also a good strategy to ask locals for some suggestions if you want to know where to eat or which sights you need to see.

Generally speaking, locals are proud of their surroundings and culture and will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Do a dry run

If you already have plenty of backpacking experience this tip won’t apply so much but if your overseas adventure is largely a new experience it is highly relevant to consider making a few small local trips to prepare you for what lies ahead.

In just the same way an athlete would build up to a race you can train for your backpacking adventure so that you know how to use all the equipment and are ready for the journey physically and mentally.

Knowing how to fit everything into your backpack and how to handle the weight is a big advantage so aim to try and do a few dry runs.

Choose your equipment with care

Another important consideration is the need to source the right type of equipment for your backpack as well as choosing a suitable backpack to carry it all in.

If you are going to be enjoying the great outdoors you will want to invest in the most lightweight but robust tent you can afford and a lightweight sleeping bag would also be a big bonus when you consider you will be carrying all this equipment around on your back.

Be realistic with your abilities and experience

If you have a sense of adventure you will obviously be keen to test new boundaries and make your trip one remember.

However, backpacking routes vary greatly in terms of difficulty and what you don’t want to do is take on a challenge that is beyond your current abilities which then leads you to get into potential difficulties.

You can still have an amazing time when you go backpacking with safety in mind and that has to be a better way of approaching your trip than trying to take on a route or itinerary that proves to be too much and takes the edge off your enjoyment.

Backpacking can be dangerous as well as a lot of fun and you should also be mindful that you are traveling in a foreign country which will mean you are in unfamiliar surroundings and terrain.

Take your time planning your trip and organizing all the supplies and equipment you need for your backpacking adventure. That’s a strategy that should make sure that you enjoy your trip and all of your memories are positive ones of all the things you managed to see and do while there.

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