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A Week In Israel – The Must-See List

A week is just not enough to truly experience the heart and soul of Israel. However, if you have no choice, and a week is all you have in this beautiful country, then here are the top must-see places in Israel.

Taking a Walk in Old Jerusalem

Spend at least a day in Old Jerusalem. There is so much to see and do, that you may have to pick and choose which places you wish to visit while in the Old City. 

You could visit some of the holiest sites of the world’s 3 great religions – 

  • Judaism’s most sacred spot – the Western Wall, 
  • Islam’s 3rd most sacred mosque – The Dome of the Rock, and 
  • Christianity’s sacred pilgrimage sites – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as well as the Via Dolorosa.

You can also visit some of the most historical archeological sites – the Temple Mount digs, the Western Wall tunnels and the City of David.

Shuk Machana Yehuda

Every single city in Israel has a shuk – an open-air market that is a feast of mouthwatering smells, bright colors and sights! 

Beaches of Tel Aviv

Just 40 miles away from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural and fun capital. Sporting 16 spectacular beaches, the best hotels, an amazing nightlife and world class gastronomic delights, Tel Aviv is a must-see for that week you spend in Israel. 

A Day at Ancient Jaffa

This 7,000-year-old city is well worth a visit during your week-long trip to Israel. Diametrically opposite to the fast-paced life in Tel-Aviv, Jaffa is an old-world town, where you can spend the day wandering through its ancient, winding streets, visiting churches and mosques, art galleries and so on. 

The Dead Sea

How can you come to Israel and not visit the Dead Sea? Just 22 miles southeast of Jerusalem, it is well worth the trip to float in the super saline waters of this huge lake!

Haifa’s Bahai Gardens 

Recognized as a World Heritage Site, the Bahai Gardens are a stunning work of art, a set of 19 perfectly manicured gardens set on the slopes of mount Carmel, overlooking the Haifa bay. 

These are just our top picks for what you can do if you only have a week to spend in Israel. There is much more that you can do if you use an Israel car rental service. With a set of wheels, you can then really explore a lot more of Israel in the one week that you are there. 

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