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8 Items to Pack if You Want to Survive Long-Haul Trips with Your Kids

Trips with kids can be one of the best kinds, considering their crazy antics that can make a dull vacation trip instantly merry and gay.

But traveling with kids isn’t always filled with rainbows and unicorns. They can also sometimes bring hurricanes and thunderstorms of tantrums. That said you better be prepared because that’s most likely to happen especially during long haul trips.

Before your sunny holiday turns into a kiddie nightmare, listed below are eight items that you should include on your things to bring.

And after reading this article, you should be able to identify the right carry-on luggage size that you will need to bring. You may thank us later.

1. Entertainment

The attention span of kids nowadays is so terrible that you have to be ready with all sorts of entertainment materials. Be it toys, creativity kits like drawing pads and coloring books, or electronics, you have to be prepared for the battle.

Long haul trips can bore them, even adults actually. So imagine the horror of these kids knowing that they are not allowed to run around the plane or your car for that matter.

It’s very important to put fun into your kid’s life. So you’re really doing great bringing them to your trips. But you also have to bear in mind that rides can tend to be long. This means that you have to keep them entertained at least until the plane lands or until you reach your destination.

2. Medication

Some kids are motion-sensitive. Remember that plane rides are different from normal car rides. Air turbulence is a very common cause of motion sickness so you can avoid that by bringing some tablets that are kid-friendly.

You don’t want them puking in the middle of the ride because you forgot to bring some medication for their motion sickness. Admit it, that doesn’t sound like a very good start to your trip.

You should also not forget to bring a first aid kit that contains some of the most common medication for usual kid ailments like diarrhea, allergies, colds, cough, and fever. 

3. Snacks

If you didn’t avail of in-flight meals, then you should be able to provide a meal for your youngster.

Remember, a hungry kid can turn into a monster. So before your child transforms into a creature you would not want to have on the trip, pack some snacks to keep your child’s tummy happy and your mind at peace.

It can also mean entertainment for them, so you better be creative. Cookies and chips are a great suggestion. But if you’re encouraging your kid to eat healthily, you can pack fruits and put it inside airtight containers to avoid possible spoiling and spilling.

4. Water

Plane rides can cause mild dehydration because of the lack of humidity inside. To avoid this, you should carry your own tumbler and have your kids drink water. And we mean, drink lots of it.

It can help them relax and ease their minds. It can also soothe fatigue especially if you’re midway of the ride to your destination.

Don’t worry about constant trips to the bathroom, at least you’re sure that your child has no threats of possible dehydration.

Now if you’re on the road and with limited access to a bathroom, just make sure to have them constantly sip on their tumbler and then make occasional stopovers for peeing.

5. Blanket

Since you’re preparing for a long haul trip, you should be ready when your child feels sleepy.

The temperature can vary especially when you’re traveling through the night. It can get a little cold for your tiny one. Bringing a blanket would warm them up and can help them doze off.

And what does a sleeping child mean? Less worries for you, momma! You can even take a little nap as well while they are sleeping. It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

A well-rested kid means less crankiness when he or she wakes up and that’s another win!

6. Extra clothes

Kids are kids. They can be messy especially with their food or their coloring materials. So to avoid bringing a dirty and untidy kid when you arrive at your destination, bring some extra clothes.

That way, they can mess up with their clothes all ride long. Just pay attention to the stains that are hard to remove, that’s one problem you don’t want to deal with. 

7. Stuffed animal

Kids need a friend to play with during the grueling hours of a long haul ride. And bring a stuffed animal is the closest they can get to having a friend on board.

And besides, it can also double as a pillow if they feel a little tired and sleepy!

8. Sanitizers

Airplanes carry different types of germs and bacteria. You can get them from the seats and handles. The air that you and your kid is breathing inside the plane is also a virus carrier. 

While it’s hard to control not to inhale the bad air, at least you would have a fighting chance to get rid of the germs when you use sanitizers often.

One tip would be to put some sanitizer on your child’s seat before seating them to at least lessen the possibility of them getting sick because of the presence of germs around. You can do that as well on your seat. 

Planning a trip with your kids that require long haul rides can be daunting. But don’t get discouraged. It’s possible to have a worry-free ride from your home to your holiday destination if you know how to handle things well, and if you have the right items with you.

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