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7 Turkish Delicacies You Need to Try During Your Trip to Turkey

Turkish cuisine is delicious and fresh, and there’s a lot to indulge in during your trip to Turkey. Discover seven Turkish foods you need to try!

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Are you traveling to Turkey soon and want to know what food you should try? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over popular Turkish foods.

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1. Turkish Kebab

When you head to Turkey, make sure to try the Adana or Urfa kebab. The Adana kebab has lots of red pepper flakes. The Urfa Kebab is the same, except it doesn’t have the spicy flavor.

Both kebabs get made with lamb and ground beef. The cook kneads the meat together with garlic, local spices, and onion. After, the mixture gets packed by hand on a shish. The kebabs get served with other grilled vegetables.

Consider trying an Iskender kebab. Strips of lamb get cooked in tomato sauce. The lamb’s served over pita bread and rice with yogurt. The meat is from stripped doner meat and is one of the most popular dishes in Turkey.

2. Dörek

You’ll see this dish everywhere in Turkey. Every restaurant will have a particular twist. The lamb or beef is first cooked on a vertical rotating spit. Later, it gets cut down into pieces for a sandwich.

The meat gets seasoned with local herbs, spices, and suet.

3. Pide

Pide has many varieties. The base is a flatbread like chapati or a pita. A pide gets baked in either a stone oven or a brick.

The toppings include onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, or eggs. You can get this delicious dish from a street vendor.

4. Lahmacun

Try a crispy and flat dish that’s like pizza. Lahmacun is the Turkish counterpart of pizza. The flatbreads topped with salad, lemon juice, and minced meat. You can pull it apart to eat, wrap it, or fold it in half.

5. Menemen

Try this fast breakfast item of sauteed vegetables, paprika, oregano, and scrambled eggs. This dish is like Shakshouka, but the eggs in this dish get beaten. Enjoy this for breakfast or a snack. 

6. Turkish Soup

Don’t ignore some of the more simple dishes while in Turkey. Enjoy a hearty tomato or lentil soups. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a tongue or sheep brain soup. If you need a snack in the afternoon, pair a soup with fresh pita. 

7. Börek

This is a savory pastry that comes in many varieties. The most popular pastry’s filled with spinach, minced meat, and cheese. Börek can get served as puffs, rolls, or layered like a lasagna.

People will eat this dish for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Enjoy this flaky and savory meal.

Make sure you try a few of these dishes when you head to Turkey. If you want to learn more about 

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Now You Know What Turkish Foods to Try

We hope you found this guide on Turkish foods helpful. Now that you know what to eat in Turkey get ready to plan your trip.

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