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7 Tips for Packing Light for Your Next Trip

Your next trip is around the corner, but you want this trip to be much lighter. You know the headache of dealing with heavy luggage, and you don’t want that this time around. The following are seven tips to pack light.

1. Smaller Luggage

The first thing you should do is invest in smaller luggage. This doesn’t mean you should buy smaller pieces and fill them with the same amount of items. Purchase bags and suitcases and take what you can fit in these pieces. Be sure to consider the luggage features, like wheels or the ability to convert it into a backpack.

2. Choice Pieces

The next thing you want to do is stick to choice pieces. It’s easy to imagine yourself using everything you love and thinking you need to take everything with you. Well, this is not the case. For example, you want to choose one or two custom jewelry pieces and leave the rest at home. You should do this with the rest of your accessories.

3. Neutral Option

You want to pack neutral pieces. Black is good. One pair of black pants can be worn several times a week as long as you change your top or wear a jacket. Essentially, when you opt for neutral clothes, it makes it easier to decrease the number of outfits you need, which is what you want right now.

4. Smarter Plane Wear

It’s essential to rethink what you’re going to be wearing on the plane. While it should be as comfortable as possible, it should also be your thickest piece. If you do this, that’ll free up some space in your luggage. You’ll be surprised how much space these pieces take up in the bags. Be sure to wear that same outfit on your way back so that you can repack things again.

5. Compression Works

Be sure to use compression cubes for your clothes. These things could make packing much easier, and it could help you create more space in your luggage. Don’t overuse these, though. They can create so much space that it could make you want to add more things to your luggage. The whole goal is that you want to pack a lighter. Every time you add something, close the bags and test out the weight so that you don’t make it too heavy.

6. Lightweight Clothes

Try sticking to lightweight clothes. This means you should stay away from heavy denim. You can consider linen, silk, and khakis, just to give you a few ideas. You also want to stay away from shoes that are too heavy or bulky. If you could get away with it, bring sandals or smaller shoes instead of boots or similar things. If you could just wear one pair of shoes, then do that. Doing so leaves room for souvenirs and other items bought on your trip.

These are the best things you can do to pack light this time around. Hopefully, you can adopt some of these now and see how you do.

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