7 Tips for Good Solo Travel Road Trips | Solo Trekker

7 Tips for Good Solo Travel Road Trips | Solo Trekker

7 Tips-Solo Travel Road Trips.  Road trips are popular to do it your own way. What better way to touch tons of cities, whether you are in America, Europe, so on.  So here are some essential planning tips! (Before you head out, check out our  our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker only available via the SoloTrekker4U.com home page tab and link).


7 Tips-Solo Travel Road Trips:

Tip One:

1. Safety First
Ignore those who are telling you it is not safe… Why?  You’ve done the following:
  • bought a cigarette USB charger for you phone and computer.
  • bought a Roadside Emergency Kit 
  • Just in case install a phone tracking app so a few select people can know your exact whereabouts. 
  • put together a list of the important numbers in your phone (because if something happens to your phone…)
  • given someone your itinerary and the contact numbers of the people you’ll be staying with
  • packed some bottled water and granola bars in the trunk (so you won’t be tempted to eat them all)

Tip Two:

2. Have the vaguest outline of a plan
Half the fun of road tripping is embracing all the funny/weird things that come your way.  Largest pizza pie ever? OK!  Alien crash sighting, why not? Say yes.
You should have enough of a plan that you can tell your hosts which day you’ll arrive on their doorstep or make hotel reservations, but don’t schedule yourself too tightly.  Limit driving to six hours a day and stop about every two hours to stretch and explore. Use Google calendar to plan my trips and then share the calendar with your close ones.  Also remember to not drive long stretches of off the beaten path roads, sometimes things can get sketchy and you lose service.

Tip Three:

3. Stay healthy
If you’re road tripping for multiple days (or weeks!), it’s really easy to rely exclusively on gas station and fast food.  Shockingly enough, sitting for six hours a day and only eating Combos and coffee will make you feel gross. Make an effort to stop at state parks and do some wee hikes, walk around new towns, buy your lunches from the grocery store’s produce section or just buy one of those salads from a fast food restaurant.  You’ll feel way, way better.

Tip Four:

4. Stay entertained
Use local stations to learn and also try listening to podcasts (here are some). Long trips are also a good time to put your phone on speaker and have deep and meaningfuls with far flung friends.  Music is always great, same with audio books.  Make a playlist, sing loudly and freely on the open road! But, don’t forget to look around and take time for your thoughts.  Silence can be golden and therapeutic!

Tip Five:

5. Stay comfortable
I could talk about fashion for hours, whether it be long plane rides or car trips but come on, no need to get dolled up!  Wear layers (different climates) and comfy clothes.  Flats, scarves, leggings, jackets etc!

Tip Six:

6. Don’t get (totally) lost
Use a navigation app!  Don’t go all old school and try to drive while reading a paper map! Here are hundreds of navigation apps you can download.

Tip Seven:

7. Pictures
Take those photos!

Have you dared to road trip alone?  Advice?

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