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7 Awesome Tips on How to Plan your Next Travel after this Crisis

As each state and country begin to reopen at their own pace, people are starting to venture out. The summer vacation you once postponed is now relatively safe to take. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain cautious during your first trip after the crisis, though.

If you aren’t sure what is too paranoid and what is too relaxed, we’ve compiled a list to help you decide. Each of these seven tips will help your upcoming travel plans go off without a hitch!

1. Choose a Cute Mask

No matter where you’re traveling, you’re bound to run into a location where you’ll be required to wear a mask. If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll most definitely be required to wear one while on the flight.

Because you want your vacation to be as awesome and Instagram worthy as possible, you’ll want to make sure you pick out a cute mask (or ten) to wear during your trip. There are plenty of articles about how to make your own, but the most effective masks have quality filters.

We suggest purchasing from a local seamstress so that you can help support local businesses. If you can’t find one in your area, Vogue has a great list of stylish online retailers.

2. Sanitize Everything

As you’re traveling, it’s important to keep all surfaces clean. The CDC says the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days, so it’s vital that you stay alert to any surface that could be contaminated.

If you’re taking a road trip, sanitize at every stop. Wash your hands in the bathroom, wipe your steering wheel when you reenter the car, and then use hand sanitizer. You’ll also want to wipe down packaging for any snacks you purchase.

If you’re flying, most airlines are offering free wipes to help you stay clean on the flight. When you arrive at your hotel, go ahead and wipe down all surfaces and spray your bedding with disinfectant.

While hotels are required to sanitize during this time, it never hurts to be extra careful.

3. Maintain Access to Clean Water

Depending on what area you are traveling to, it’s important that you maintain access to safe water. An easy way to do this is to add a water filter to your packing list.

We suggest this one from Berkey Water Filters. You can take their quiz to find out which size and version is best for your needs. However, their water bottle products will be the most convenient for travel.

4. Keep Exposed Clothing Clean

Similarly to other surfaces, the virus can cling to clothing. That’s why it’s important to clean any clothing that is exposed to congested areas. These days, that seems to be parks and hiking trails.

If you’re not sure how to properly clean your hiking gear, Hiking and Fishing has a great article for washing your down jacket.

5. Save Money with Car Rentals

Car rental prices are at an all time low and so is gas. This may be the perfect time to opt for a road trip instead of a flight. This way, you’ll avoid one of the most congested businesses in the country.

Just be sure to do your own sanitization of the vehicle before entering it, even if the rental company assures you that they already have.

6. Map Out Construction Zones

Cities and states are taking advantage of the lull in traffic to complete every construction project they could ever think of. This could seriously throw a wrench in your timeline if you aren’t careful.

Most GPS apps with map construction in real time, but you’ll also want to plan ahead for arrival and departure times. Go511 can help you plan for road and traffic conditions that aren’t local to you.

7. Research Safe Activities

Not every destination is going to have the same policies about which businesses are allowed to be open and under what stipulations. It’s very important to research your destination from some travel and lifestyle websites before you travel there so that you can be prepared.

You might also want to consider what activities will be available to you. That way you don’t end up simply quarantined in another location. Beaches and parks are great options, and some states allow limited numbers in museums and other popular attractions.

Overall, the best way to make sure your first trip is a success is to be prepared. Do your research, pack for all scenarios, and plan ahead for activities. If you follow these three steps, you’ll be sure to have a fun and safe time!

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