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6 Things To Know About Next Vacay

Have you ever spent hours searching through endless websites trying to find affordable airplane tickets for your next vacation? You’re not alone. One of the most challenging parts of planning a trip is finding inexpensive airfare to your destination. The company Next Vacay, is here to help you easily find cheap flight deals so you can focus on other aspects of your vacation planning. Let’s take a look at what Next Vacay is and how it can benefit you.

1. What Is Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is a subscription-based, member-supported company whose sole focus is finding cheap airplane tickets. The founders of Next Vacay, husband and wife Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi, have always enjoyed traveling. They also found that finding affordable plane tickets is often quite challenging and frustrating. They also know that airlines do offer cheap flight deals, they just make it really hard for the average person to find.

Naveen, a software developer, decided to make traveling easier by creating his own software designed to scour airline databases to find inexpensive tickets. The results were so successful, that the couple began flying around the world using cheap tickets. They shared their service with friends and family who also were quite enthusiastic about their cheap flights. Eventually, the couple started the company Next Vacay and opened it up to the public. Today, hundreds of members score great flight deals that help them travel around the world while saving money on airfare.

2. How Does Next Vacay Work?

Next Vacay is super easy to use. Instead of spending countless hours trying to find cheap flights, Next Vacay does the work for you. Simply set up an account on their website and enter relevant information that Next Vacay needs to find your cheap flight. You’ll put in your name, email address, the preferred airport you wish to fly in and out of, destinations you may want to visit, and possible travel dates.

Once you’re set-up, you’ll start to receive email notifications with information, such as the destination, the price of the tickets, and a link so that you can book directly with the airline. If you’re not interested in the deal or the dates don’t work with your schedule, just ignore the notification. However, if you get super excited about the location and the cheap price, and the dates work for you, grab the deal.

All you have to do is contact the airline, book your flight, have your travel documents in order, make your home and work arrangements, pack your bags, and go on vacation. The cheap flights normally only last for about 24-72 hours, so be sure to book with the airlines when you decide you want the deal.

3. Is There a Fee to Sign Up for Next Vacay?

There is a small annual fee of just $25 each year to become a member of the subscription-based company. If you fly a lot and enjoy saving money on airplane flights, the tiny fee greatly offsets the cost of paying full price for tickets as well as the hassle of trying to even find cheap tickets.

Next Vacay doesn’t receive any commission or kickbacks from the airlines when you book your flight. The company makes money from the member’s subscription fee. One of the beautiful aspects of running a company like this is that the deals you receive in your email box are unbiased, honest deals from legitimate airlines.

The team at Next Vacay also takes into consideration other changing factors such as the safety of the destination, how many connecting flights are involved, and the length of any layovers you may have. If the team at Next Vacay feels that the deal is too complicated and not cost-effective overall, they won’t send it out to their members. Besides getting affordable plane tickets, you get a lot of thoughtful considerations to help make your trip fun and successful.

If you’re not sure that Next Vacay is a good fit for your lifestyle, take advantage fo the 30-day free trial. You’ll get all the benefits of a paying member like email notifications and links to the airline to book the flight. If, after the trial period is over, you find that Next Vacay isn’t for you, simply let the team know you wish to cancel. However, when you become hooked on all the amazing deals, you’ll want to continue using Next Vacay and the amazing deals they find.

4. What is the Timeframe for the Deals I Receive?

Next Vacay understands that most people can’t just drop what they’re doing and jump on a plane overnight just because they got a great deal on flights. People have to coordinate work schedules, kids’ school breaks and holidays, and all the other things it takes to go on a vacation. That’s why most of the deals are offered for one month to ten months in the future. Generally, if you’re thinking of taking a vacation, you have some plans set in place, and you can normally make the necessary arrangements to go on your vacation within that timeframe.

If you have a flexible schedule and the dates and destination appeal to you, grab the deal and go. You may end up going to Iceland to see the aurora borealis, go scuba diving in Bali, or end up visiting temples in Thailand. Have an open mind and a passion to explore new places, cultures, and exotic cuisine, and Next Vacay will help you travel the world using cheap airfare.

5. Who Uses Next Vacay?

A lot of diverse people use Next Vacay. People who are on a budget and never thought they could afford to travel to a dream destination benefit from Next Vacay. Imagine finding roundtrip airfare to Costa Rica for $273 when you’ve always wanted to go there but thought the flights were too expensive? Or, flying roundtrip to Barcelona, Spain, for $600 to eat traditional paella and take flamenco dance lessons. These are just a few examples of the deals that people find and use.

Busy working professionals who long to travel love using Next Vacay. Because professionals spend time at work, taking care of themselves, and running a household, they don’t have time to spend searching for inexpensive flights. With Next Vacay doing the hard work of searching for the flights, professionals can spend their precious downtime planning other parts of the vacation.

Retirees who are ready to explore new places benefit from using Next Vacay. People who can’t figure out how to use credit card points, frequent flyer miles, or travel hacks will love how easy it is to use Next Vacay. There’s no need to rack your brain trying to find cheap airplane tickets; Next Vacay does it for you.

Next Vacay is ideal for families, groups, or friends traveling together. When buying multiple tickets, the cost of airfare can seem astronomical. But, when you get a cheap deal for Next Vacay, you can book as many tickets as you want, as long as the deal offers the necessary seats.

Weddings can get quite expensive and newlyweds need to watch their budget so they can have a nice honeymoon. One of the biggest expenses of traveling is plane tickets. The newlywed couple can save money using Next Vacay’s service, and they can use the savings to stay in nice lodging and enjoy eating at romantic restaurants.

6. Can I Travel Anywhere and Anytime I Want With Next Vacay?

Next Vacay focuses on a lot of amazing international destinations, however, the software can also find domestic deals as well. Whether you want to go surfing in Southern California, go back East to watch the fall leaves change color, or head to Las Vegas for a fun getaway, Next Vacay will help you get there with affordable flights.

Generally, Next Vacay works best for those who have a flexible schedule, but the system can also help you find inexpensive flights if you have a set location and firm dates. Even during peak travel times like the holidays, spring and summer break, or for large events like Mardi Gras, the system will search for cheap flights and notify you if one pops up.

Next Vacay is not a travel agent and won’t send you deals on car rentals, hotel rooms, or cruises. Their sole focus is on finding the cheapest airplane tickets possible. Do keep in mind that the search and deals are customized for your home airport or the airport you prefer using.

If you love to travel, have dreamed of traveling, or want to explore the world, Next Vacay will help you get there. When you open up your emails and see the amazing destinations with cheap flights, you’ll want to pack your bags and head out. Let Next Vacay help you reach your next travel destination.

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