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6 Reasons To Carry A Water Bottle While Travelling

You probably associate a water bottle with either school kids or sports enthusiasts. And you must be wondering why we are making a big deal about carrying a water bottle while travelling.

Well, there are a host of reasons why carrying a water bottle could change the way you travel forever. All you need is some perspective. Perhaps you also need a cool water bottle to call your own!

  1. Water Within Reach

Travel takes you to far-off destinations and unfamiliar experiences. We really hope you never end up at a place where drinking water is not readily available, but imagine if you do? And what if there is a situation that the bottle of water offered is not filtered?

Hmmm, a little imagination drives the point home.

Any off-beat traveler would agree that it is impossible to leave out a water bottle from their backpack. And if you too want to be prepared for travel delays, imaginable disasters or similar unforeseen panic-worthy events, you better keep your water bottle handy.

  1. Cheap

Picture the heap of packaged water bottles we were just discussing. Now try to calculate how much extra you spent on a new bottle every time you could have simply refilled one instead.

Not a very inspiring accounting riddle it seems.

Anyway, the essence is that you can easily save money if you choose to carry a water bottle.

Reuse, refill and reap. That’s our mantra that should keep you inspired.

  1. Healthy Choices

To make sure that you don’t push your limits to severe dehydration on long-haul flight, you must carry your water bottle. In fact, if you have water by your side, it would be easier to avoid the sugary beverages that lure the thirsty traveler. Great way to keep unnecessarily calories off your travel menu, isn’t it?

Innovations in water bottle designs have made it possible to upgrade your drinking water even while travelling. You can choose to carry fruits and nutrients infused water. You can even fill a wide mouth water bottle with ice-cold water or chilled fruit juices, and savor it on a hot afternoon.

  1. Measure for Measure

The story of Goldilocks taught us there is a right measure for everything. This holds true for drinking water bottles too. Have you ever been handed a tiny plastic water bottle at an event, and had to ask for a couple more? Or you may have had to gulp water from one large water bottle, only to spoil your shirt.

Sounds embarrassingly familiar, ain’t it?

What can we say? The satisfaction of sipping water from the right-sized bottle is better understood when there is a lack of it.

  1. Responsible Travelling

Ever counted the number of packaged drinking water bottles you have bought all through your brief living history? I bet its heaps (consider mountains) of plastic bottles occupying landfills or choking water bodies.

We all need to cut back on our waste footprint from packaged products. During travelling it may not be always possible to avoid packaged food. However, you can make your timely contribution by sticking to your own reusable utensils.

  1. Track-a-Thon

Regularly hydrating your body with little amount of water is the secret to effortless detoxification. Needless to say, you ought to travel with a water bottle if you are already habituated to hydration.

If you have been in the habit of tracking your daily water intake at regular intervals, you would agree that a water bottle is a must- have, and not just when you are travelling.

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