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6 Quick Tips for Shipping Your Car for an Extended Vacation

Who doesn’t like going on vacations? They not only offer relaxing experiences but also ignite a spark to motivate you once you get back to your regular routine. However, the biggest problem with going for an extended vacation is how you’re going to move from one place to another once you’re there. It’s highly likely that you’ve already spent a huge chunk of money on hotel bookings and flight tickets. And therefore, it’s logical for you to cut down your expenditure by using your car while in your holiday destination. 

The best solution would be to hire an auto shipping company to ship your car to your destination. We’ve rounded up six quick tips for seamless shipping of your car for an extended vacation. Read on for more insights.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

Not every shipping company can offer auto transport services to any destination. For example, some shipping companies do not operate across the Pacific. This is why you need to conduct brief research to ensure that you get the best shipping company that ships to your destination. You can do a quick Google search or ask other people about their experiences.

The best way to do this is by reading online reviews such as Montway Auto Transport reviews. You should pay attention to the fine details and steer clear of service providers that do not have any reviews online. 

Check Whether Your Car Is Viable for Shipping to Your Destination

There are numerous regulations that govern the shipping of automobiles to different destinations. Hence, you have to check and conform to the stated regulations of your desired destination. This will help you evade possible disappointments and unexpected costs. 

The most common one is the duration at which an imported car can stay in a foreign country. For instance, Mexico allows foreign vehicles to be within their country for only 90 to 180 days. Additionally, some countries require foreigners to pay a customs fee, while others allow duty-free imports for a certain period. 

Get a Quote

After conducting your research, it’s recommended that you get quotes from several shipping companies. This will help you scrutinize and gauge the best shipping company based on your preferences and destination. You would want a shipping company within your budget and time frame, and quotes are an ideal intermediary. 

Different companies use different metrics such as the make and model of your car, vehicle weight, the distance of travel, and location to calculate your quote. This is why quotes vary from one auto carrier to another. 

Gather the Required Documents

The vehicle shipping process is not a walk in the park, especially if you’re going overseas. There is a lot of confusing paperwork that you might have to deal with. However, your insurance terms and bill of lading (documents your vehicle’s condition at the delivery and pick-up points) are always crucial. Make sure that you have them at hand. You might be required to present the following documents, depending on your service provider: 

• The vehicle’s VC5, also known as the logbook

• Photo page of your passport

• A copy of the MOT certificate

• A copy of the purchase receipt

If you submit the wrong information, you might need to apply for a manifest correction at a small fee. And if you’re not present during the shipping process, you will need an absent owner authorization. This document authorizes someone else to deliver or pick up your vehicle at the destination.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Most shipping companies recommend that you ensure that your vehicle is operable. This involves checking whether the brakes are working, the condition of the tires, and any other system that may tamper with its operation.

 Some companies will request that you disconnect the negative battery cable. It’s imperative in attenuating the risk of electrical short when loading the vehicle on the carrier. You should also fill up your car with the correct amount of gas. Most auto shippers require that vehicles shipped over the ocean have not more than a quarter tank of gas. 

Remove Personal Items From the Car

You should never ship your vehicle with your items in it. This is because the items have a high susceptibility to damage. Most transport companies are not liable for any items damaged inside the car. This will consequently cost you extra bucks to acquire new ones. In addition, heavy items in your car may attract more weight charges.

The Bottom Line

At this point, you’re aware of what to do if you want to transport your car with ease. Don’t let the hurdles associated with auto shipping burst your bubble. You should conduct research to find a reputable shipping company, prepare your vehicle for the shipping process, have the required documents ready, and check your vehicle’s eligibility for shipping to your destination. And most importantly, you should ask for quotes from several shipping companies to compare their rates and get a service provider that fits your budget.

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